Fruit Tree Scionwood Exchange, Sunday, March 23 at the CCLC

There will be a Fruit Tree Scionwood Exchange, Sunday, March 23 at the Cobscook Community Learning Center from 1:00-4:00pm. 

Grafting is an essential skill for the home orchardist. Grafts are created by attaching scionwood to healthy base tree stock. The scions are cut in winter when the trees are dormant, then grafted onto rootstock or established trees in early spring. The best scions are disease and frost-free and measure about 1/4” in diameter and 12-18” long. Attendees interested in grafting should bring scions from their favorite, healthy apple or fruit trees. For more about grafting fruit trees, there is an informative article at the University of Minnesota Exchange website:

The grafting demo will be demonstrated by Mark Fulford, a well known, independent farm consultant and educator whose range of topics and expertise encompasses hands-on skills in organic orcharding, transitioning from conventional to organic and biological agriculture; soil, crop, and forage nutrition; and preparing agriculture for peak oil, climate change and economic drift. He also teaches non-electric water technologies, organic no-till crop production, commercial and small scale composting, as well as fundamental rural skills and small farm food preservation. Mark’s lifelong study of the natural world and immersion in agriculture on his own farm and abroad, grounds his practices in experience. Mark and his wife Paula have owned and operated Teltane Farm in Monroe, Maine for the last 30 years. For more info about Mark visit his website:

Please bring any scionwood or cuttings you have to share freely with others. We’ll supply the labels, tape and markers. For anyone interested in grafting, Mark recommends the A. M. Leonard Foldable Grafting Knife, which can be found online.

The Scionwood Exchange will be held at the Cobscook Community Learning Center, 10 Commissary Point Rd in Trescott. To register visit or call 733-2233.