Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Yes, it’s still cold and snowy in Maine.  However, we hear that warmer days are on the way within the next ten days.  Punxetawny Phil, the weather forecasting groundhog, recently posted a photo on Facebook holding a sign that said, “I lied.”  March 20/21 is the official first day of spring -- at least on the calendar.  When spring weather actually gets here, just try to imagine how much we will all enjoy it.  Terry Reynolds’ cat, Tobey, continues to often torment our little Scuffy dog when she is taken out for the last time at night before going to bed. Tobey and Scuffy are great friends, and Scuffy cannot imagine why Tobey can run wild at all hours and she is hampered by her harness and leash.  

There have been no more robin sightings on our property.  The red squirrels continue to fight over the critter food, as flocks of chickadees, doves and blue jays ignore them and munch away at their food in and under the bird feeder.  The Winchesters saw a flock of wild turkeys along Upper Union/Cooper Road.  This group (the turkeys, not the Winchesters) seems to have wintered in that area, as we have also spotted them a few times in fields along that road.

A correction:  There was a tiny Winter Festival on the Lake this year.  Glenn Ball from New York, Lance and Cheryl Bagley from Meddybemps, and Jeff Orchard and Penny Lurie from Charlotte got together over a few days of President’s Day Week and explored the frozen lake.  Lance and Cheryl hosted the far smaller than usual event at their home and participants enjoyed a dinner of Eggplant Lasagna, salads and side dishes that the Bagleys prepared.  What good sports! 

Seasonal residents have been checking on their lake side properties.  Corey McCray drove out to make sure his camp was still visible above the snow.  Terry and Charlie Rier also came from their year-round home in Lubec to see how their camp is faring this winter.  All is well, and my Barry tries to keep the lane passable to their properties in case emergency vehicles need to get there.  Despite the “iffy” weather, Dawn Winchester traveled to Freeport, Maine, last weekend for a marathon scrapbooking event.  She said she “completed 115 pages and 5 albums and is a very happy scrapbooker.”

We got together with some area friends last Saturday night for a little St. Paddy’s day celebration.  Everyone brought favorite appetizers; and it was a great time with Meddybempsters Lance and Cheryl Bagley, Patty and Dana Reynolds, Terry Reynolds, Tammi Smith, Dan Wallace, Jen and Bill Doten (Jr.), and Jen’s daughter, Alyssa.  Jen and Allysa traveled to Meddybemps from Portland for the weekend with Bill and her family.  Ed and Kathy Bell, and Mike Johnson and Diana St. Pierre were also part of the festivities, as well as friends from Robbinston, Calais, Pleasant Lake and St. Stephens (whose names I won’t mention because I didn’t ask them if I could).  Happy events like this -- bringing good people together, sharing yummy food and refreshments, and singing favorite St. Patrick’s Day ballads, sure warm the heart during the present cold and dreary weather.

Happy birthday to Phil Donovan on March 19 and Charles “Chick” McCoubrey on the 23rd. Best wishes to everyone celebrating special occasions, dealing with winter ailments and lingering illnesses. 

Once again, kudos to the various road crews in the area.  We have been able to get around just fine because of the continuous salting and plowing going on all winter long. We must watch out for the frost heaves.  That, however, is due to nature and not road maintenance.  We just need to slow down.  Safe travels to all.

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