Town News

Sharon Frost


 Another month has gone. Here’s hoping for more calm, sunshiny days.

April 2nd is Pascua Florida Day

April 4th National D.A.R.E. Day

Birthstone: Diamond for innocence

Flower: Sweet pea for love

I received a lovely news letter from  Dan Schall and wife Linda. They sure are a busy couple traveling all over Florida, up to Pennsylvania touching lives through music, prayers and testimony.

I was checking the Hyssongs 2014 scheduled and see they are coming to Second Baptist Church  May 14th at 6:30 pm.  Can’t wait.

I saw John Brooks on the news in his hospital bed in Bangor with an old buddy of his in the same room that he didn’t realize at the time. How wonderful is that time. 

Sympathy to the Waycott family and Mary Small families. Memorials were held on Saturday,

The hospital auxiliary will meet on April 7th at 6 pm. Members may wear their Easter bonnets. Bring an Easter bag raffle or card. Don’t forget dues!! I had a lovely trip to New Hampshire a week or so ago. I visited my son and family. They are so busy in sports, church, and work. Chris and I did make a boiled dinner when I arrived to celebrate St. Paddy’s and surprise that kids liked the turnip and cabbage, etc. Helped my sister-in-law the day she got home from the hospital. She was very weak. It was a lovely day so I walked the dogs and did some chores. All in all it was a nice visit. I was glad to get home to rest my back.

Birthday wishes: Nancy Beal, Lisa Trafton Greenlaw, Hayden Burgess either had his birthday or is coming up. I forgot to get the date. Barbara Stanhope, Nellie Jo Lee, Andrea Curtis, Lauren Cook, Sheridan Smith, Trudy Gillespie, Patsy Hill, Karen Davis, Stella Kneeland, Ruth Lyons, Sharon Lund, Sandra Sherrard, Bruce Stevens, David Johnson, Missie Sears, my daughter-in-law Becky and granddaughters Kate and Brenna.

Chris and Sharon LeConte have sold their home so will be doing some traveling to their other house in Greenland. On Saturday April 5th the St. Andrews Farmers’ Market reopens from 9 - 1 pm .S. inside the beautiful Algonqin Resort. Specialty foods, home baking, arts and live music and much more. Don’t forget the Talent Show at the Charlotte Elementary School at 1 pm on Saturday, April 5th to benefit Wendy Robinson who has breast cancer. There will be raffles and concessions.

Richard Clark  and son Perry of New Hampshire were in the area on the weekend and enjoyed breakfast with the Wickachee group on Sunday.

Congratulations to John Marchese and his bride who married on Saturday.