Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The weather has been a bit spring-like for the past few days.  It is a joy to feel the warm sunshine, walk on bare ground and see and hear the birds.  Everyone I have spoken to is tired of the long winter and ready for a change.  We have a ways to go with the snow banks still high and ice and snow covering lawns and flower gardens, but at least we can hope.

I spoke to Avis McIntyre this morning.  She had a really bad fall on the ice at UMM.  She has broken ribs, at least one broken toe and she broke her glasses.  As with any fall, she is also left with bruises and aches and pains.  We wish her a fast recovery.

The walkway behind the Grand Falls power house is off limits until the mill makes the necessary repairs to the area.  We are lucky the mill lets us fish there so it would be good to follow their requirements for safety. My nephew Chris loved going out there to try his luck and we always had some company.

The roads in the woods are really messy and they may slow down some of the trucks supplying the mill with wood for chips.  The mill had many railroad cars loaded with wood last week.  This weekend they were all emptied and gone.

The People’s United Methodist Church sponsored their April supper last Thursday.  They made $700 for the supper and that is not as much as they usually make, but many other events were going on in the community so they were satisfied with the event.  They are planning an Easter breakfast following their sunrise service on April 20th.

The Odd Fellows and the Riverside Rebekahs did well with their lunches and bingo on Sunday.  They really do put on wonderful lunches.  Their sandwiches, gingerbread and bread pudding are out of this world and very reasonably priced.  Their April breakfast will be held on April 20th from 7 am until 9:30.

 Congratulations to Scott Boies for being selected for the 2014 Principal’s Award at Woodland High School.  Scott will be going to Thomas in the fall.  We will be hearing more from this Dragon.

Former Dragon Christine Boomer has been home for spring break. She will be finishing her Bachelor’s program early.  That is a testament to her work ethic and her ability to keep her eyes on her goals.

Former Dragon David Libby of Needham, Massachusetts, turned 51 this week.  It hardly seems possible. His daughter Isabelle has been enduring medical problems for many years.  She had her 10th surgery in her 17 years last week.  We wish her and, of course, her whole family the best. David and Isabelle are the son and grand daughter of Eldon and Mariam Libby of town.

Congratulations of former Dragon Lori Lincoln Croman, who won a great award last Monday. She won the MEA Joan McGovern Educational Education Specialist Award for the State of Maine.  This is a great tribute to her accomplishments and her contributions to the school system. Good job, Lori. 

Seniors and juniors are preparing for the Junior-Senior Prom, which will be happening sooner than we think.  The rush is on for partners with whom to march and for finding the perfect gown for the evening. 

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (April 11 through April 17) to the following:  David Barnard, Jessica Gower, Sharon Lund, Wyatt Cilley, Bobby Phelps, Margaret Howland, Tammy Carle, Carleton Brown, Mike McGovern, Marisa McCray, Ian Howland, Heather Sprague, Kevin Robinson, Lauren Cook, Wesla Rannali, Chanise Hood and Billy Neddeau.  Happy birthdays are wished for you all.

Happy anniversary wishes are going out to Weibley and Eleanor Dean this week.

Special hellos are going out this week to Alice White, Avis McIntyre, Vicky O’Neill, Lois Stimson, Gloria Smith, Betty Fountain, Carleton Brown, George and Lynn Hill, Harriet Martell, Melissa Jones Corbett, Frannie Shain and anyone else who needs a lift including the Red Sox.

I discovered that even though the weather is warmer, the ice is still slippery and the landing is hard.