Calais School District Superintendent Resigns

By Dan Northcutt


Calais School District Superintendent Keith Laser Ph.D., has tendered his resignation effective near the end of the month. He will be accepting a position as superintendent at R.S.U. No. 67 in Lincoln, ME. Upon query, Dr. laser said the decision was made owing to its being, “a very good opportunity, closer to home.” Unfortunately, the resignation comes while the school year is still underway, at what Calais High School Principal Matt Clark refers to as, “the meat of the budget season.” In recent months the school district and the city council have been at odds concerning the budget; this makes the timing of the resignation inopportune. When asked about the concerns his resignation might present Dr. Laser said he felt “confident with the excellent people in the district to move forward.” 

Dr. Laser, a former Naval aviator, was appointed last year to replace interim Superintendent Raymond Freve after a several month long search. On Tuesday night there will be an executive session by the school board to explore options available to the district. The position of superintendent requires a certification from the State which limits the board’s immediate options. The district will have to find a permanent replacement immediately, unlikely considering the months long search leading up to the appointment of Dr. laser, select an interim superintendent, or a superintendent pro tempore, which would require approval from Maine Department of Education Commissioner Jim Rier. Whatever the decision the school district faces turbulence as a result of the resignation. However, that’s nothing new to the area, Principal Clark said of the matter, “The great thing about this community, its people, parents, teachers, kids, [and] administrators, always step up to overcome adversity.”