Future Lady Blue Devils Win Tourney


Defeat Eastport in Two-Day Final

The first annual girls Robbinston Round Ball Classic was hosted this weekend at the Calais High School. Teams from Eastport, Woodland, Calais, Jonesport, Lubec, and Harrington took part in the 2-day event. Event proceeds goes to special projects at Robbinston Elementary School. 

In fun-filled competitions the following players were recognized as outstanding. In dribbling: #1 Jenny Cox-Woodland, #2 Kensie Haskins – Lubec, #3 Brenna Davis – Lubec. In the team competitions: #1 Jennie Cox, Shaye Beers, and Lauren Cook; 

#2 Sydney Hatch, Emily Mitchell, and Faith Tirrell; #3 Brooke Russell, Shawna Monk, and Sadie Smith. The same three teams also won the overall championships.

In the two semi-finals Calais and Woodland played the opener. The future Lady Dragons earned an early 20-16 lead midway. In the second half 3’s by Tirrell and Mitchell helped give Calais a 15-8 advantage and the 4-point 32-28 victory. In the win Faith Tirrell hit 8, Emily Mitchell 13, and Katie Erskine 7. For Woodland Angel Andrews scored 8, Brooke Russell 5, Jennie Cox 5, Shaye Beers 6, and Shawna Monk 4.

Eastport collected a 27-20 win over Jonesport in the other semi-final. Leah Kirshman had 7 in the win, Katie Leighton, Cassidy Wilder, and Lauren Cook made 6-each. On Jonesport Mikayla Alley hit 11, Kacie Alley 5, and Reanna Smith 4.

During the championship contest Calais jumped to a big 16-7 lead that Eastport could not overcome, as Calais played on to a 30-14 championship victory. In the title win Faith Tirrell scored 14, Emily Mitchell 7, and Katie Erskine 5. For the Eastport team Maggie Hood hit 6 and Lauren Cook 5. 

Most Outstanding Player Awards:Jonesport Rec Royals – Makala Alley; Harrington Pink Panthers – Maddison Leighton: Eastport Patriots – Cassidy Wilder; Lubec Hornets – Kenzie Haskins; Woodland Dragons – Shaye Beers; Calais Blue Devils – Katie Erskine. 

Many thanks to our tournament sponsors – Machias Savings Bank and Washington County Community College and the Skill Competition – Dead River, and sincere thanks all the businesses who supported this tournament.

Next week Robbinston will host the 1ST annual boys tourney at CHS.