Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Oh, the sun is shining, it is in the low 50’s this morning as I write.  We can finally see some of our lawn, and much of Lite Lane.  Mark Reynolds spent some time here this week at his camp to do repairs and ready it for the summer. It won’t be long now until the lake ice disappears.  More birds than we’ve seen in a very long while continue to congregate in and around the feeder. It seems they are celebrating the arrival of spring just as much as we humans. Changing seasons always seem to bring a fresh awareness of our surroundings.  

This brings to mind the changing seasons in peoples’ lives. We are greatly saddened by the death of Ed Ketchen after a lengthy illness and two weeks in Calais Hospital.  His daughters Sally and Sue were with him to the end. His son, Mark Ketchen and many others from his family arrived shortly after his passing. Our deepest sympathy and prayers for his family.  Ed had a good, long life and touched many with his friendly willingness to help, instruct and share his love of flying, wildlife, poetry, the vast outdoors, life on the lake and in the Maine woods. So many have been blessed with his being a part of our community.  Many have greatly enjoyed over the past several years, his wildlife reports for our Meddybemps news. He was the most dependable wildlife reporter ever.  He also kept track of ice coverage on the lake in early winter, and “ice out” in the spring (and kept exacting records of dates and conditions).

I had one very special tie with Ed Ketchen  He and my late father flew from sister ships (aircraft carriers) throughout WWII in the South Pacific -- Ed, the Wasp and my Dad, the Essex.  On any given day I could ask Ed, “so where were you and my Dad’s ships today during the war?”  Like a walking encyclopedia, he could recite the details.  He once gave me a chronological list of the many locations and dangerous battles where they engaged.  The list is even more special now, since Ed is not here to personally answer my questions.  As the seasons come and go, so do some of the most memorable people in our lives.  And our community is a better place because Ed was here over many good years. 

Something Ed would have greatly enjoyed are the many kinds of birds that arrived here over the past week.  Just this morning, a flock of cardinals showed up for the first time. We also have coming and going in our yard, flocks of juncos, chicadees, sparrows, wrens and some birds I couldn’t identify.  I also saw a pine siskin, thrush, grackle, robins, and a lone woodpecker searching tree bark for hidden morsels.  Of course, the usual crows and blue birds regularly come by.

Happy birthday wishes to Dan Wallace on April 11, and Dana Reynolds and Lauren Cook on the 14th and 16th.   

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