2014 Dental Health Month Poster Contest Winners at CES

The theme was “Join the Super Smile Team”

As part of the Oral Health Program, Maine CDC, students at Calais Elementary School submitted posters illustrating the importance of oral health and ways to keep teeth healthy. A basic understanding of good oral health concepts was a requirement. These were illustrated by such things as eating nutritious foods, having regular dental check-ups, getting dental sealeants, brushing and flossing everyday or using mouth guards, all needed to have a healthy smile.

3rd place winners: Grade 2 Lily Day, Grade 3 Brendon Treadwell, Grade 5 Ben Goode, Grade 6 Emily Doten.

2nd place winners: Grade 2 Taylor Shain, Grade 3 Kassidi Porter, Grade 5 Haley Ann Way, Grade 6 Michael McFarlane.

1st place winners: Grade 2 Megan Mitchell, Grade 3 Sofia Clark, Grade 5 Sophia McVicar, Grade 6 Jillian Johnson.

The 1st place winning posters have been sent to Augusta to be part of the statewide poster contest. Good luck to all the kids!

The posters submitted by students at CES were very informative, creative and colorful. The judges had quite a task. Job well done to all the students and good luck to the students whose posters are in the state contest.