Town News

Dorothy Johnson

Large wet snowflakes are falling in beautiful downtown Baileyville as I write this week’s column.  Yesterday we were blessed with the best day of the year so far, but today is cold and dreary.  Maybe this snow will take the cold out of the air and be followed by the green rain.  The robins are very optimistic and have arrived in flocks looking for the earth to give up worms. My spring flowers are peeking through last falls leaves and I believe the eagles are taking care of at least one youngster.  Can spring be far behind?

The People’s United Methodist Church will have its “Sunrise Easter Service” at 6 am on Sunday, April 20th, followed by an Easter breakfast hosted by the men in the congregation.  I expect the women will be helping in some way, but it will be great either way.  The church is loaded with good cooks.

Next Sunday will also be the day of the Odd Fellows and Riverside Rebekahs’ April breakfast at the lodge hall on Hillside Street from 7 am until 9:30 am.  The men and women have been resolute in having monthly breakfasts to benefit their many charities.

The Publics Work crew has been trying to get the winter sand off the roads, but it is a time-consuming job.  Raking your leaves on the street along with your winter sand is not good for the new sweeper so please be careful to keep your leaves on the lawn as you do your spring clean-up.

Susan McCray arrived home from her spring cruise and once she returned to Baileyville, she developed a rash and weakness.  She was admitted to the hospital for further care and hopefully a diagnosis.  I will have more about her trip next week.

Bud Kneeland is doing better, but is now looking ahead to more surgery.  Bud likes to be on the go so being laid up is hard on him.

Avis McIntyre continues to gain strength. Her daughters Nancy and Janet are also looking at some medical issues so we are wishing the whole family some healthier days.

Alice Jean Robinson continues on in Ross Manor along with Mellisa Jones Corbett. Anne McHugh is recovering from surgery and is gaining strength. Connie Perkins Cox is having some serious procedures in Bangor as soon as the hospital people can set up a schedule.  Please keep all of these people in your thoughts.

My nephew is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Readers can imagine my worry as I watched the news last week when they had another shooting on base.  Scott’s (my nephew’s) wife called to tell me that she and the dog were locked down at their house and Scott was in lock down at his office.  Neither of them was that close to the shooting.  Fort Hood is a huge base and I know that, but I still worry when it is in the news.

Scott called today and told me that the base has been really busy since the shooting with putting in more safety measures, a visit from President and Mrs. Obama and services for those killed.  He told me that during the day when civilians are working there, too, the base has over 70,000 people.

Some boys are down trying to get some baseball practice in on the ball diamond.  They still need boots for both the infield and the out field and when the ball hits the ground, it hardly bounces.  It just buries itself in the turf.  The games will be beginning soon and the weather just is not co-operating.

Most driveways are muddy and full of ruts.  Even the farm has more ruts this year than usual. I see the cars at the school have lots of mud on them so I guess the students are finding places to go “spring mudding.”

Jim Merrithew is back from Florida and I think I saw some activity at the Roberts’ home on Palm Street.  The snow birds will be returning as soon as the weather warms.

The threat (promise) of further cuts in the school system has brought about hate and discontent within the staff.  It is difficult to work under these conditions and I am sure some of the foolishness is making it hard for the students too.  Making decisions for the best of all concerned is not easy. I have not yet heard when the town meeting will be held for voting on the town and school budget, but it is important that citizens let the elected officials what they want for their town.

Big happy birthday wishes are going out this week (April 17th through April 24th) to the following: Peta Brown, Carl Ripley, Kevin Gallison, Rhoda Leavitt, Mark Ranalli, Brittany Leighton, Jordyn Phelps, Linda Phelps, Patrick Phelps, Tammara Croman, Crystal Annis, April Lewis, Michelle Ripley, John Phelps, John James, Dale Lewis, Butch Cilley, Betty Newman, Helen Brooks and Callen Hanson.  May you all enjoy your special days.

Happy anniversary wishes to Lynn and George Hill, Robert and Denise Hill, Randall and Stacy Thomson and Frederick and Nicole Williams.  May you all enjoy wonderful celebrations with your families and friends.

Stay safe and have a great week.