Calais School Committee Holds Special Meeting

By Gwen Clark

The Calais School Committee held a Special Meeting  last Tuesday April 8 at the high School library 6 :00 p.m. to handle a brief agenda.   Committee members in attendance were John Hill, James MacDonald, Robert Greenlaw, Marcia Hayward and Dale Earle.  Superintendent Keith Laser was also in attendance.   

Before approving the present agenda, Marcia Hayward requested that an item of requesting Dr. Laser to an "exit interview" be added to the agenda. MacDonald made the motion to add the exit interview to the agenda.  A brief discussion as to rather the exit interview needed to be held in executive session or in the public forum to which Dr. Laser stated that he did not think it had to be held in executive session.  The motion was seconded by Dale Earle and the motion was carried unanimously.  The exit interview will be added to the next meeting agenda.  

The Committee then motioned and seconded with a carried vote to enter into executive session to discuss a personnel matter at approximately 6:10 PM.

 Once exiting executive session, Hill explained that:  "What we did was we had a talk with Mrs. O'Rorke.  She would like to have some time off in October. The situation being is that her husband works for Customs, and she would like to have some time off without pay.  So that’s the situation and I need a motion on the floor.  

Earle made the motion and it was seconded by  Greenlaw.  It was granted unanimously.  The Committee then entered into Executive Session once again to discuss hiring a Superintendent.    Calais Committee members and their counterparts on the liaison committee from the Calais City Council have been working on the proposed budget for the next school  year and are dealing with very similar  measures of concern in this budget as they had during the last year.  With less than one year on the job with the Calais Schools. Dr. Laser is leaving Calais  to work for RSU 67 in Lincoln, which is facing financial problems of their own.   Earle made the motion to re enter executive session for the second time and Greenlaw seconded it.  

Dr. Laser stated:  "I must advise you  that items that are discussed in Executive Session and you have to make this decision, discussions and the considerations of employment or the employment, assignment, duties, promotion, compensation, evaluation, dissipating resignation or dismissal of an official of an employee or employees of a body  or agency or the investigation or hearings on charges or complaints against persons and then it goes into the subjects with the following conditions:  1. If the following discussion could be reasonable to cause damage to the reputation  or violate the individuals right  to privacy, 2. any person charged or investigated has the right to be present; and any person charged or investigated may request in writing that the investigation  may be conducted in open session such a request must be honored and any person bringing charges then must be present so if you feel that this is in keeping with that direction in executive session then that’s your vote. Your vote is?"   

Hill:  "All five of us yes."

Following the second executive session Meeting the group returned and Hill explained:  "What we did, Raye Freve will entertain the idea of coming down but we're going to have him come to the next meeting that we have on the 15th I believe and we'll talk to him then, and see what’s going on.  The other thing is we've been discussing we've got to get this advertised for a Superintendent and  we're going to have to set a committee up too.  That will probably be done very soon."   

A motion to adjourn was called, seconded and voted and the Special School Committee Meeting ended at approximately 7:30 p.m.