Town News

Arline Flood


We have been through all the different Maine weather since last week. I really won’t miss the cold and the wind. Tuesday, Marcia and I had medical appointments in Brewer and she drove. The roads were a nightmare with slush almost all the way. After I wrote this week, I had a severe attack of vertigo and palpitations which sent me to the ER in Calais for tests. I am still having tests as  it seems to be fine. Go figure. Needless to say, I didn’t write any news. I also missed the Cooper Town Meeting but have the figures on that. Stuart Shortwell was the moderator, Sandra Lyon Town Clerk, Select board John Viselli, Dan Ackley and Daniel Ackley, chair of tax collectors Brenda Gove, tax assessors Norm Howe, Scott Jamieson, Constable Scott Jamieson, Karen Holmes, three year term for the school board; town treasurer Amanda Donaghy; collector of taxes Laurie Pike; Mary Dunn will serve the one year term on the school board  because Erica Perkins was unable to complete her previously elected three year term. $10,000 was raised for municipal solid waste. $14,000 for administrative and contingent expenses, Liability and Workens’ Compensation $6,600 plus balance from general fund. $500 for town recreation, $350 for continuous membership in the Washington County Council of Governments, $3,000 to pay for maintenance and plowing of the town office, $18,414.96 yearly installment on low interest loan for the town office. Approved for the Selectboard pay is $1,650, 1st assessor $323, 2nd 3rd assessors $1,000. Treasurer $3,000, town clerk $4,000, tax collector $7,000, cemeteries $3,000. The town labor will be paid $15 per hour, election workers $12. and all other nonphysical labor at $7.50 per hour. Other rates were applicable shall be given by the Maine Department of Labor wage rates for construction in Washington County. The funding of third party requests of $2,500 was approved.

The former East Ridge Cemetery will be renamed the  Cathance Overlook Cemetery and work will be continued there.

Cathance Grange met for the first meeting of the year on  Wednesday, April 9th. The time has been changed back to 7 pm. The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, April 23rd. A reminder that the dues are now due.

Much sympathy to the family and friends of Vladimer Drozdoff on his tragic death from burns after his home in Cooper burned flat. He called a friend in Alexander and they reported the fire from there. He wanted to get his cats out and that was a fatal mistake.  His son was by his side when David Smith visited at the hospital and they kept Vladimer in a coma and out of pain. How he loved nature and all of his animals.

What large snowflakes poured down yesterday before it turned into rain, again! Our basement seems to be flooded continually and we’ve had a sump pump going.

Rolfe Flood was the pastor for the service at the Meddybemps Christian Church last Sunday. Yesterday the Pastor, Joe was back in the pulpit. He was caught in the crossfire at the Calais Hospital and has his hours reduced. We are paying for everything to pick up for all concerned. We received the sad news that Tanya Scott’s brother Tim had passed after a long illness. Our prayers are with the family. Prayers for Marcia Wheelock who is having treatment at CC in Brewer for three more weeks. Also, Sandy is in Boston on Monday for a checkup and should be home tomorrow. Our list is long this year.