District Court

John L. Barnette of Rock Hill, SC. Rule violation, operation 14 hour rule. Fine $250.

Matthew A. Benson of Calais, ME. Disorderly conduct, fighting Fine $300. Domestic violence assault. Dismissed.

Steven Bilodeau of Princeton, ME. Operating under the influence. Fine $700. Washington County Jail 5 days. Stayed 5/12/204, license suspended 90 days. Restitution $105. Operating while license suspended or revoked. Fine $250. Carrying concealed weapon. Fine $150. Theft by unauthorized use of property. Dismissed.

Ralph T. Boulier of Houlton, ME. Rule violation. Fine 150.

James Brazeau of Berlin, MA. Fish without valid license. Fine $100.

James Brazeau of Berlin, MA Fail to provide and display  registration. Adjudicated. Fine $100.

Coleen E. Doiron of Charlottetown. Unlawful possession of scheduled drug. Dismissed.

Jill Deanne Hayman of Calais, ME. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer. Jury trial.

Ryan W. Johnson of Robbinston, ME.  Minor transporting liquor. Adjudicated. Fine $200. License suspended 30 days.

Radience Kelsall of Calais, ME. Allowing dog to be at large. Adjudicated. Fine $50. Keeping unlicensed dog. Adjudicated. Fine $20.  Keeping dangerous dog. Adjudicated. Fine $250. Allowing dog to  be at large 2 counts.  Adjudicated. Fine $50. each count . Violation rabies prevention, chapter 720. 2 counts. Adjudicated. Fine $20. each count. 

Robert J. Lambert of Calais, ME. Domestic violence assault. Dismissed. Domestic violence criminal threatening. Fine $300.

Zachariah H. McVicar of Rolliingdam. Rule violation, duty status not current. Fine $250.

Basil N. Messenger of Truro. Operating after suspension/ Fine $200.

Michelle M. Reed of Charlotte, ME. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer. Fine $150.

Jillian E.M. Ripley of Princeton, ME. Possession of marijuana, up to 1-1/4 oz. Fine $350.

Jerika Grace Marie haw of Utopia. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer. Dismissed.

Chase William Smith of Baileyville, ME. Operating under the influence - 1 prior. Dismissed.

Richard J. Soucy of Pleasant Point, ME. False public alarm or report/ Washington County Jail 48 hours.

Michael Sullivan of Bolton, MA. Violate fishing rule. Adjudicated. Fine $100.

Albert Daniel Tremblay of Hudson, NH. Operating unregistered snowmobile. Adjudicated.  Fine $200

Shaele D. Walter of Carmel, ME. Minor consuming liquor. Adjudicated. Fine $500.