The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard

Welcome to the home of the Dragons, the halls of Woodland Jr. Sr. High School. This week at WHS was practically overflowing with activities, so let’s dive right in to this week’s news from WHS. 

The top ten seniors for the class of 2014 were announced this week. This is a ranking of the ten students with the highest total GPA for their entire high school career, and they were as follows: Valedictorian, Scott Boies; Salutatorian, Kylee Carouso; Andrew Howland, Courtney James, Morgan James, Damon Lincoln, Vanessa Kidder, Tyler Hurlburt, Scott Rhoades and Kade Snowman. Congratulations to these seniors, who have worked super hard their entire high school careers to be in the top ten- and to all the seniors for putting in hard work for the last 4 years. The students who made the top ten will be responsible for speaking at the Class Night and Graduation ceremonies. 

On Friday, members of the student council boarded a bus to Calais to attend the Eastern Region Student Council conference. This is an annual event that the student council hasn’t been attending for some time, but decided to go to this year. Students participated in the unofficial breaking of the world record for the worlds largest human knot, attended workshops, and met student council members from other schools in the Eastern region. A big thanks goes out to Calais High School for hosting the event. 

On Saturday, the first annual WHS’s Got Talent was held at WHS in the gym. Students performed an array of comedy sketches and musical numbers, showcasing their talents for family and friends. Hosted by Camille Howard, the event included a glow-in-the-dark baton performance by Paige Fitch,  musical numbers by Alec McGaw, Amber Hewes, and Julia Andrews- occasionally accompanied by her sister, Angel- and group performances starring students like Emily Petrucelli, Alyssa Campbell, Kim Moraisey, Kade Snowman, and Scott Rhoades. All the students who participated were phenomenal, and a huge thank you goes out to the people who attended the event- we could not have been a success without you. 

That’s all the news from Woodland High School this week. Next week we’ll be here to discuss more of the news from WHS, just before the long awaited April Vacation. Until then, thanks for checking in.