Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Blessings to all who are celebrating Passover and Easter this week.  How nice that the weather is cooperating with more seasonal conditions for these holidays.  We are blessed. On Easter Sunday, I believe the Meddybemps Christian Church service begins at 9:30 a.m., and 2nd Baptist Church in Calais starts at 10:45 a.m.  All are welcome to attend these services, whether or not you are regular attendee at these churches.   

Happy birthday to Myrtle (Palmeter) Ackley on April 18, Pete Frost on the 20th, and Bruce White and Bruce Bailey on the 22nd.  

The Terry Lord family just returned from a great trip to Florida.  Lisa says it was hard to leave the warm and sunny weather that they greatly enjoyed.  Photos indicicate that their daughter Megan with their granddaughter Heidyn, had a great time too.  Welcome back home.  

Last weekend, Terry Reynolds was the first around these parts to have his convertible out of storage and the top down.  He has also been very busy continuing with carpentry work around his property.  Corey McCray was at his camp on Saturday, now that he can get through the driveway that was blocked by snow banks until earlier in the week. There are now many more small openings through the lake ice on our cove.  Many open areas of water along the shoreline continue to expand as warmer days continue.  It won’t be long now until we can get the docks in and launch our boats.  Many small ‘glaciers’ in yards and along woods lines still remain where snow and ice were especially deep throughout the winter.  When they’re gone, we will know for sure that the warmer season is here to stay.  An unsightly sign of spring are the many discarded bottles and cans, once covered by snow, now exposed along the roadways.  There were more than fifty on just one side of 191 from Meddybemps to Route 1 at Baring.  A very industrious man usually walks the roads and picks them up.  Let’s hope it is profitable in bottle returns for his efforts to keep our roadways uncluttered and beautiful.

More birds continue to arrive.  Janet Wooding saw a common redpole on her property, along with many of the same ones we are seeing here including juncos and chickadees. There are also a few red squirrels showing up and trying to get into her bird feeder.  She has outsmarted them with a metal canopy around the pole under the feeder platform.  It appears to do a good job.  Of course, the red squirrels would argue as to the part about it being good.

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