SSMHA Present 2014 Hockey Awards

A special night for youth hockey awards took place this past week in St. Stephen. Following are the award recipients for the 2013-2014 season:

1. Walter Murphy Coach of the Year: Glen Gregory

2. 3M Longstanding Coach Award: Terry Stewart

3. State Farm Volunteer of the Year: Bob Coates

4. Young Official of the Year: Zack Jones

5. Appreciation Award: Mary Lou Graham and Pathfinders/


6. Jack Woodcock Memorial Midget Leadership Award: William Groom

7. Manzer Duplissea Memorial Bantam Competitive Coaches Award: Alex Hart

8. Carl Speedy Memorial Bantam Recreational Leadership Award: Sam Huys

9. Howie Duvall Peewee Competitive Coaches Award: Nikolas McCallum

10. Art Lowe Memorial Peewee Recreational Leadership Award: Austin Young

11. John Mitchell Atom Competitive Coaches Award: Trey Hatt

12. Ian MacMichael Atom Recreational Leadership Award: Ian Haley

13. Don Sweeney Top Defensive Player of the Year: Christopher Gregory

14. Grant-Leavitt Top Forward Player of the Year: Jarret Milligan 

15. Jake Allen Top Goaltender of the Year: Mark Gallant and Dylan Marshall. 

16. Retiring Official Plaque - Winnie Beney

Atom A Ganong Grizzlies:

Most Dedicated: Christopher Gregory

Most Improved: Gavin Lindsay

Most Sportsmanlike: Avery Amos

Atom C REM Firebirds 

Most Dedicated: Caleb Essency

Most Improved: Cameron Marshall

Most Sportsmanlike: Lilah Noddin

Peewee B Moffitt Dodge Storm:

Most Dedicated: Olivia Amos

Most Improved: Dylan Day

Most Sportsmanlike: Grace Huys

Peewee C Canadian Tire Flyers:

Most Dedicated: Kelsey Bedford

Most Improved: Andrew Smith

Most Sportsmanlike: Skyler Richardson

Bantam A Royal Canadian Legion Br #9 Cougars 

Most Dedicated: Hutson Brisley 

Most Improved: Kyle Bedford

Most Sportsmanlike Daniel Riley

Bantam C Milltown Trucking Flames: 

Most Dedicated: Ben Lee

Most Improved: Vanessa McGaw

Most Sportsmanlike: Kenton Williams

Midget C Flakeboard Bisons:

Most Dedicated: Zach Olmstead

Most Improved: Sean Murphy

Most Sportsmanlike: Isaac Stafford