Town News

Dorothy Johnson

It looks as though we will have about a month of spring before the calendar summer begins.  Much greenery has appeared on the lawns and in the trees and the forsythias are in beautiful bloom. 

The Princeton Rod and Gun Club sponsored a very successful benefit supper for Bud and Barbara Kneeland last Saturday.  The Kneelands were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for them.  Bud has some medical issues with which to deal and all of his family members and friends are wishing him well.

The Spednic Club will be sponsoring a benefit supper for Melissa (Jones) Corbett on May 17th, next Saturday.  This will be a pot luck meal with a Chinese auction. Doors open at 4pm and the meal begins at 5pm. This supper is beginning a bit earlier than usual because it is the same night as the Woodland Junior/Senior Prom.  Melissa is rehabilitating at Ross Manor in Bangor after becoming really ill.  She is doing a bit better and we all hope that she will be home soon.

The shut down has been going for about two weeks and the mill will be up and running full bore this coming week.  With the mill down, the town is very quiet.  Many contractors were in town with their crews and these workers provide a boost for the local economy.

The United Methodist Women hosted a potluck supper and a program of pictures from the Holy Land at their hall on Thursday. About 35 women from all the churches in town came to see the program, which was presented by Jordan and Donna Netzer of Princeton. Jordan had the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with his parents and while there he took over 2000 pictures to show where he had been.  He had thoughtfully researched the scriptures where the geographic places were mentioned and passed the list around so the audience would be able to check out the Bible text themselves. Jordan and Donna did a wonderful presentation and it was very well received.  All of the women outdid themselves by providing a delicious meal.

The United Methodist Women and other church members will be having their Spring Fling on Saturday, May 24 beginning at 9am.  The Spring Fling will include a food sale, a white elephant table, lunches and rummage sale objects donated by community members.  This should be a great time with an opportunity to cash in on some good sales and to pick up some great food for the weekend.

The Riverside Rebekahs and the Odd Fellows hosted a very successful Mother’s Day breakfast. They have one breakfast each month for their charity causes.  The funds for this breakfast will go toward camperships for local children.

Congratulations to Jesse Cross, a former Dragon and son of former Dragons Penny (Seavey) and George Cross.  Jesse received his Master’s Degree in mental health counseling on Saturday.  Jesse finished both his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine and his Master’s degree from Husson University with honors and high honors respectively.  Great job, Jesse.Congratulations to all former Dragons who are receiving their degrees from colleges all over the state these first few weeks of May.

Former Dragon Jim Drotar was in town during the week to visit with his mom Marjorie Drotar and his classmate Phil Crosby.

Beth Crosby, also a former Dragon, has been home for the week visiting with her family on the sad occasion of her mother’s death.  Beth had won a scholarship for a trip to Africa for this week, but circumstances prevented her from going.

Normie Richard’s daughter Judy was home for a couple of days to visit her family and to attend the funeral of her cousin.

Word has been received that Dot Allen Perkins passed away this past weekend.  She lived on Spruce Street for many years with her husband Melvin, who was a brother to Leo Perkins.  Sympathy goes out to her family and her many friends in this area.

The W.T.Wren Unit #23 Ladies’ Auxiliary will be hosting District Council on Sunday, May 18th.  They will also be holding their regular meeting on Monday, May 19th at 7pm.

Big Baileyville happy birthday wishes are going out this week (May 16th through May 22nd) to the following:  Christine Boomer, Marian Hunnewell, Kathy Mcgaw, Sandra Bailey, Betty Adams, Alea Farnam, Amanda McDonough, Dennis Worster, Karen Moraisey, Terry Holst, Aaron LaBonte, Josh Phelps, Misty Hill, Tyler Croman and Lynn Hill.  May you all have awesome celebrations with your friends and families.

Happy anniversary wishes are going out this week to Kelly and John Harvey, Fran and Roger Holst, Joann and John McGovern and Mike and Julie Boies.  We wish you all a great special day.