The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard

Welcome back to the Dragon’s Den! We’ve had a slow week at WHS, but let’s jump edit into this week’s news.

 The tennis teams had their first matches of the season last week. The girls played a game against the Calais girls on Tuesday, and all three players won their matches! Both boys and girls played Shead high school on Friday. The girls once again won their double header, but the boys weren’t so lucky. Fortunately, they’ve got a lot of season left to make up for it. 

The Student Council had elections for new members of their executive board! Taking over as president of the stuco is Alec McGaw, Vice President Camille Howard, Secretary Jordan Metta, and, in a write in campaign, Ingrid Subialida as treasurer. The elections for class officials will take place within the next few days. 

The spring music concert will take place next week on Tuesday. Also taking place next week, in Saturday, is the annual Junior/Senior prom and introduction. Come back next for news of all these events, and until then, thanks for checking in.