Friends of Cooper Community Center

Town News

“Friends of Cooper Community Center” have painted the floor of the hall. They first scraped and cleaned the floor, then painted the floor with a light-colored Rust-o-leum paint combined with grit, to make it slip-proof. A few months ago the group had painted the ceiling of the hall a bright white. Now, between the lighter ceiling and floor, the hall looks so much bigger and brighter.!!

The group is planning to re-vitalize the side yard so it can be used for outdoor activities, picnics, etc. Also, they’re starting fund-raising and applying for grants, to insulate the building so it can be used year-round, not just in warm weather. The group, which was started last year, has so far sponsored and hosted a Halloween “spook” etti feast, a holiday party, and an Easter party. They’re planning many more events and activities for the future.

The group of hard-working people have the welfare of the people of Cooper and the Community Center as their goal. Anyone interested in joining the group, or in volunteering to help with an event or activity, can contact them on the town website at