Indian Township

Donna Meader-York


The Indian Township School Passamaquoddy language department took students to Bar Harbor Monday to dance in the celebration of the Maine Indian Education joint school board coming together as a group. Art students whose artwork was chosen to be displayed at the Abbe Musuem Passamaquoddy/Penobscot Art exhibit also attended. 

The excitement is at an all time high as Friday May 16 approaches, and students in grades 5 through 8 travel to Boston to watch a live Red Sox game!  Students and staff will leave from the school and travel by bus to Boston where they will see a 7:00 PM game. Following the game, they will return to the bus for the long journey home. We wish them a safe journey, and a super fun time.

On Thursday May 15, grade 5 students will be harvesting fiddleheads as part of their Passamaquoddy language class.  Fiddleheads are a long time staple of the Passamaquoddy, and students will learn first hand how to harvest, clean, and cook them, while also learning the language for fiddleheads. 

We have some accomplishments that we would like to brag about.  Seventh grader Phyllis Lola, competed in the AAU Basketball tournaments in New Hampshire last weekend, and her team won! Phyllis and her family are very dedicated to her athletic endeavors, and it sure does pay off. Congratulations Phyllis!  Another Congratulation goes out to our co-worker Sandra Lyon. Sandra has been working diligently toward her Bachelor of Science in Education degree, and recently announced that she will graduate (with honors) from UMM on May 17! Sandy, we are so proud of you! 

Indian Township School now has a web site! You can access the site at

That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, take care of yourself, and keep learning!