Pastor Marvin Flowerdew

 St. Croix Valley Assembly of God

 Calais, Maine

Growing up in a small farm community, we did not have much in the way of "toys" so we improvised with whatever we could find.  One of things we used was the old game of hide and seek.  The person who was designated as "it"  would cover their eyes and count to a predetermined number while the others would try to hide.  When the "it" person reached the number they would call out "ready or not, here I come." 

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, our first parents, and placed them in a paradise we call the "Garden of Eden."  Everything they could want was there for their enjoyment and enrichment.  However, there was one restriction.  In the midst of the Garden was the "tree of life."  They were told to never eat of that tree for if they did they would die.

Satan came into the Garden and began to talk to Eve.  He urged her to eat of the forbidden tree, saying that what God had told them was not true, that instead of dying, they would become "like God."  They chose to believe satan over God and ate of the fruit.  When they ate the fruit they died spiritually and death became the natural end of each life.

God came into the Garden to spend time with Adam and Eve.  When they heard His voice, they hid from Him but God began to seek for them.  From that day until now God has been "seeking" to restore mankind back into relationship with Him.  He sent His "only begotten Son" to be the Saviour of all who will believe and receive Him. 

Back to our childhood game.  After a time the "it person" would declare freedom for those who were still hidden.  A call would go something like: "All ye All ye oxen, come in free......"  Those who had not yet been found had a free pass to end that session of the game.

Before Jesus went to the Cross and was crucified for the sins of the whole world, He promised His followers that He was going to prepare a place for them and that He would come again and get them and take them to Heaven with Him.  Because death is in the world, we all face death unless the Lord Jesus comes back while we are still living.  The truth is, we don't know when we may depart this life.  Whether by death, or by the return of Christ.

Jesus, God's only begotten Son, stands with His hands outstretched to us and calls; "Come unto Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28 NASB) 

To be "found" we must surrender our life to Jesus as Lord, and invite Him to come into our heart and live His life through us.

If you have done that, you are ready for either death or the return of Christ.  If you have not received Him, do it now!!  He's coming,  ready or not.  I want to see YOU in Heaven.  I urge you, be ready.