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Dave McCullough

The community of Grand Lake Stream is cordially invited to a Coffee in honor of Mark Berry who will be leaving the Downeast Lakes Land Trust on June 6 after serving as Executive Director for eight years.  It will be held on May 27 from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. at the Schoolhouse.

Sending a SPECIAL thanks to a few women from the Women to Women group who cleaned up both sides of the Grand Lake Stream Road from Musquash to town!  It looks great!

Please remember that the Women to Women group will be having a Yard Sale June 20 and 21!  They are accepting items in good shape!  They will pick up if you need help! Call Sue Whitely at 796-0888 or Elaine Brown at 796-5269.  They will be accepting items at the Schoolhouse as the event gets closer!

Here is a note from Andrea Swift. 

Hi Everyone, Time for our spring get together at Leens. The date is Wednesday, May 28th, 6:00 for drinks and appetizers, dinner at 7:00.  Charles is planning the menu so it will be a surprise. Your choice will be either the vegetarian option or the meat option.  Bring your beverage of choice. There will be a sign up sheet at the store by the end of the week or you can e-mail me back or give me a call.  Let me know your dinner choice. Any questions, call me at 798-5007 or Sue at 796-0008. PS

Jenifer and I are looking forward to spending a few days at HOME in Grand Lake Stream this weekend. We can get our extras and Bangor Daily News at the Pine Tree Store now that the summer hours are in full swing. On Sunday I will be three quarters of a century old!! We have many blessings to count!

 Thanks to everyone who made the Historical Society’s Annual Fishermen’s Breakfast a hugh success!  It was the most attended one that we have had. Thank you to all the attendees.  As you all know, it takes a team to have an event go smoothly and that we had. Thank  you all for the help from those who set up the room  and broke down the room and everything in between. The Rose Fish Print was won by Lew Savlen, the Americana bracelet was won by Jackie Nelson, the fleece blanket by Bruce Russo,and the walking stick by Mike Cochran. The 50/50 was won by Jolayne Mason.  

News from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Volunteers Leap into Frog Monitoring

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to be the home of the new Downeast Lakes Chapter of FrogWatch USA.  A flagship citizen science program, FrogWatch USA trains individuals and families to report the calls of local frogs and toads.

A volunteer training session held on May 10th emphasized frog and toad call identification and reporting. Local volunteers can now contribute to FrogWatch USA’s base of scientific data by following standardized data collection protocols. The newly-trained volunteers plan to monitor Grand Lake Stream, West Grand Lake, Little River, Billy Brown Brook and numerous vernal pools. They will gather species, population and phenological (seasonal) data.  This information could be used to develop practical strategies for the conservation of these important species.

Up-Coming Events:

Creating Nature Journals Sunday, May 25, 2014 - 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Held at the School Building Water St, Grand Lake Stream. As part of the 11th Annual Down East Spring Birding Festival, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to offer a nature journaling workshop. The short course will provide an introduction to nature journaling, including developing observational skills, as well as honing sketching and writing talents. Journaling offers an opportunity to explore nature with new media, slow down, and look more deeply into the natural world. Register in advance with the Down East Birding Festival to attend.                                                 

Landowner Bequest Contributes 100 acres to Downeast Lakes Land Trust: Robert Yacolucci was committed to wildlife habitat conservation.

TALMADGE, MAINE:  Leaving a mark on a beloved place is an aim to which many aspire.  Robert Yacolucci did it by donating 100 acres of forest to the Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT).  The trust will now manage “Yacolucci Woods” in perpetuity for wildlife habitat, recreation, and sustainable forestry. 

Motivated by his passion for nature and love of hunting, Mr Yacolucci purchased the forested land in Talmadge, Maine in 2004 with hopes to build a home.  Because of his dedication to wildlife, Robert employed a local forester and developed a plan to improve habitat on the parcel.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, his plans intensified. “No dreams were stronger than his will to beat his cancer and return,” reflected his friend, Sue LaPlante.  

He never had the opportunity to live there, but through his will, Mr Yacolucci donated his land to the trust. This gift, along with a generous endowment, ensures the land will be conserved forever.  “We are extraordinarily grateful to Mr. Yacolucci for his vision and generosity,” said DLLT Executive Director, Mark Berry.  “As his cancer progressed, he approached the trust.  We are glad to be able to honor his wishes and ensure the forest will remain wildlife habitat and a place for outdoor recreation.”

The 100-acre property is located in Talmadge, and is easily accessible on the west side of Route 1.  To its south and west, the property abuts the Sunrise Easement, a 312,000-acre area permanently conserved under easements for conservation and public access held by the New England Forestry Foundation and the Maine Dept of Agriculture, Conservation, & Forestry.    

The stewardship endowment contributed by Mr. Yacolucci will provide DLLT with income to fund property tax payments and management of the property.  DLLT plans to create a small parking area, and offer access for walking, bird-watching, or hunting.

DLLT encourages landowners to contact the trust in advance if considering a gift of land.  Larger parcels, those with unique habitat or recreational values, and those adjacent to existing conserved lands, are most likely to support the DLLT mission of contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region.  

Mr. Yacolucci left his favorite corner of the world a better place through his generosity.  His sister, Toni Iacolucci, said, “After visiting Bob’s land and meeting his wonderful friends in Grand Lake Stream, his dream made perfect sense to us. We are very grateful to the Land Trust for honoring Bob’s wishes and helping him find peace. 

Thanks Mike Millard for this note! “A couple of years ago I watched an eagle swimming. I wrote the full story about what I saw, and titled it Eagles Can Swim. It was cut up three times and now appears in the May issue of the Northwood’s Sporting Journal on page 51.

The eagle circled and landed on top of a dead 6 lb salmon that was floating in 15 feet of water, 30 yards from shore. The eagle had a plan. A few minutes later...Eagles Can Swim.”


Next Club Meeting-May 22 7-8 P.M. School Building

“Take a Community Member for an ATV Ride”

The club has planned a “Take a Community Member for an ATV Ride” on Wednesday, May 28 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you have a two up, side-by-side, or an extra machine and are willing to join the fun, please let Sue LaPlante know you are participating and who you plan to bring. The ride will end at the store where we will have pizza and soft drinks. We need a final head count by Monday, May 26th.

St. Agatha Three Day Ride

There will be a three day ride in the St. Agatha area June 15, 16, 17, and 18. The plan is to arrive on Sunday night and ride out Monday a.m. Glen Dow, Bruce and Carol Minner will be leading the trip. They all have experience riding in the area and report beautiful trails that are not overly challenging. Glen will be at the May meeting to answer any questions folks may have.

You can make reservations at either of the following places:

Long Lake Motor Inn   207-543-5006 or                    (camping or RV option)

Find Joy in all you do!  Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough 207-839-4205 or