Great Garden Plot at AES

Students in K-4, Kindergarten and 1st grades are learning about plants and how they grow.  On Tuesday, May 13th, Agronomist and Soil Scientist Tim Sanford came to the Alexander Elementary School to tell the children about garden soil.  The classes have been learning about seeds, roots, plants and leaves.  Mr. Sanford admired their bean plants that were started in CD cases.  Students have watched eagerly for each change.

Mr. Sanford talked about the soil "factory" that provides almost everything a plant needs - "Just add water and sunshine."

Together the children mixed up sand, clay, silt, compost, rotten wood, molds and fungi, etc. to approximate the living factory that soil is.  The mixing was fun.  You can check out the results at the AES Science Fair on Thursday, May 29th in the AES gym from 6-7 p.m.