As I See It

The School Budget, Part II: If I were a member of the Calais City Council right now, I believe I would think twice about cutting the police budget as the police department may be called upon several times in the next few months to muster all available resources in a flying wedge to disperse citizens armed with brick-bats and bottle projectiles in full tax revolt over the School budget. 

The community breathed a sigh of relief recently when Bob Moholland was appointed School Superintendent. 

The community felt that maybe their school system had been given back to them and has faith that Bob was up for the task of solving many of the school issues. It now appears that they will be asking a Herculean Effort from him. 

The Bangor Daily News article of May 15th on Maine education report cards answered one of my lingering questions; which is why there is no transparency in the school administration and school committee. The reason is that they don’t want anyone to know what goes on in the schools, and not without good reason. Judging from the information in this article, no more additional money should be given the school system and the taxpayers should be given back the 2.3 mil increase in the taxes last year that the Mayor gave the school and cheated the taxpayers out of. 

According to the BDN, 536 schools in Maine were a part of the Department of Education report. Of those 536 schools, 63 received a rating of F. (The ratings are from A to F, F being the worst). These numbers and ratings are for year 2014. 

State average cost per student $11,583 

Cost per student in Calais $15, 885 

Ratings: Calais Elem.: F 

 Calais Middle/HS: F 

This is an outrage and someone has some explaining to do. If there is not a logical explanation forthcoming, or it isn’t blamed on the students themselves and their parents, one can only assume that this situation is the result of either gross incompetence, stupidity, collusion and corruption, or a combination thereof. The time has come for an independent audit of the school organizational structure, policies and procedures, an investigation by the Attorney General’s office, a recall election for the obstructionist leadership of the school committee, and a taxpayer strike to bring all the City Council to its senses. 

Jim Jackson