Indian Township

Donna Meader-York

Last week, three students from Indian Township School participated in the Washington County Special Olympics.  Sipuhsis Brown, 8, Lewey Harnois Jr., 9, and Kevin Sabbattis, 12, all took part in the track and field part of the games.  Sipuhsis took 1st place in the 100m run, Lewey took 2nd.  Lewey also placed 2nd and 3rd in the Standing Long Jump, and the Softball Throw, respectively. Kevin Placed 1st place in the Standing Long Jump, and the Softball Throw, and 2nd in the 25m Walk. We are very proud of our boys!

Our students and the teachers from the Passamaquoddy Language Class worked very hard to clean up our community during Community Clean-Up Week.  Brenda Lozada, Regina Nicholas, and with assistance from the Environmental Department’s Martin Dana made sure all of the students were involved in the clean-up and were taught how important it is to keep our Mother Earth clean.  As in past years, larger pieces of trash were moved to the side of the road for truck pick-up, while students used gloves and plastic bags to collect trash.  Each year the trash is weighed at the end of the week. Here are the totals: Pre-K = 26.8 lbs., K = 30.1 lbs., Grade 1 = 40.3 lbs. , Grade 2 = 14.3 lbs., Grade 3 = 45.3 lbs., Grade 4 = 23.3 lbs., Grade 5 = 124.1 lbs., Grade 6 = 65.5 lbs.,  Grade 7 = 71.6 lbs., and Grade 8 = 51.3 lbs. for a whopping total of 492.5 lbs.!  This total beat last year’s total of 352.10 lbs., but didn’t come close to our record of 700.3 lbs. in 2009, which brings back some not-so-fond memories of swarms of black flies, humidity, and tons of trash as I helped with the clean-up that year, none of which seemed to bother the kids.

Last Friday, May 16, students from grades 5 through 8 boarded two charter buses immediately after breakfast with an array of staff, and set off for Boston to see a Red Sox game.  The excitement was contagious on the bus, spreading like wildfire to both children and adults.  The all day trek included lunch at McDonald’s or Burger King, and supper at Dominoes or Pizza Hut depending on which bus you were on.  The 7:00PM game began with a little mist which turned into a steady drizzle, causing a short rain delay in the game, but our kids didn’t seem to mind.  They were making memories for a lifetime, that some may never have had the chance to make.  Miss Irene (Mitchell) was instrumental in the planning of this trip, and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts, and also thanks to our awesome staff members who chaperoned the trip. Without them, there would not have been a trip.  The bus left Boston after the game and drove all night to deliver our kids safely home somewhere in the vicinity of 8:00 AM. What a wonderful time to remember!

Just as a reminder; the Indian Township Youth Council now meets on Mondays at 3:30 PM in the school Library. Don’t miss your meetings!  That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, have a safe and happy Memorial Day, take care of yourselves and keep learning!