Looking Ahead with Artemis’s Attic

By Lura Jackson

The locally-owned consignment shop Artemis’s Attic on Main Street is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. Like any toddler, the business (named after owner Shari Doten’s granddaughter) has gone through a number of growth spurts and changes, incorporating new items and community events into its regular repertoire.  

Pirates in need of attire for the upcoming festival in Eastport will be glad to know that expertly hand-crafted custom costumes can be ordered and purchased at the store. Doten plans, sews, and tailors each outfit from her workshop behind the counter, creating visually authentic costumes (complete with feathered hats). Each outfit takes a few weeks to make, so advance notice is appreciated.

The shop (which sells many locally made products) has always been tightly bound with the community, and many of its events reflect that. On May 24th, the store will hold a Mary Kay Day, offering a free facial or makeover to attendees from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 25% of product sales will be donated to the family of Wayne Leavitt; light refreshments will be served.

In celebration of its 2nd anniversary, the store will hold an open house on Saturday, June 7th. There will be store-wide sales, grab bags, and food and drink for all ages. 

Vicki the Psychic (who has come to the store three times and was booked solid at each occasion) will be returning to Artemis’s Attic on July 26th. She holds private consultations at the back of the store in a screened-off area, answering questions at the request of the participant. Appointments and walk-ins are welcomed.

The store has had many new items coming in from its many area vendors. “If you haven’t been by in a while,” Doten says, “You should stop in!” Artemis’s Attic is located at 311 on Main Street in Calais, and can be reached at 454-7000.