Princeton Board of Selectmen Candidates


I have lived in Princeton for most of the last 41 years. My first job after college was the former Passamaquoddy Lumber Mill. While there I married a Princeton boy and we made our home in Princeton where we raised our four children.

Those four children are the reason I first ran for the selectmen position. As our family grew, I observed things happening in our area that were not positive influences and were not making our way of life better, just the opposite. I did my share of complaining and problem solving in my own mind like everyone else. One day while complaining to a fellow citizen about a situation in town, he said, “Why don’t you run for the open seat on the Board of Selectmen?” So I did. At that time I served on the Board for 11 years.

As my children graduated from high school and college and entered the work force, I began to realize that none of them were going to stay in this area. The  job opportunities they were looking for just were not available here. One by one they left Princeton. Three of them left the state of Maine and other one settled in southern Maine.

I want Princeton and the Washington County area to be a place where young people want to stay, where they can find good paying jobs, raise their families and become assets to our communities. Due to job and family commitments I took a little break in serving on the Board. Three years ago the time was right and I was again elected to the Board. I have seen many changes in our area since I first served in the early 1990’s. Some good and some not so good.

Things are happening here in Princeton!

The town just appropriated funds to apply for a CDBG grant to build a new fire station. Last year we received a $50,000 grant from the King Foundation to update and enlarge our town library. According to sales reports, real estate in Princeton is being sold and new families are moving in. I believe some of this is due to our excellent elementary school.

If Princeton and Washington County area are going to continue to grow and move forward, I believe the answer to many of our problems lie in one word, cooperation! Towns, large and small need to get together and try to solve our common problems. There is strength in numbers. We need to stop trying to accomplish everything on our own. If a new business opens in Princeton, the benefits will spread to Baileyville, to Calais, maybe even to Eastport and Danforth.

It has been my privilege to serve the Town of Princeton for 14 years. I would consider it and honor to continue to serve on the Board of Selectmen.



My name is James Davies. I am married to a wonderful wife Nancy and we are homeowners in the Town of Princeton.

I currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Selectman for the second year and serve as Princeton’s Representative on Downeast EMS Board of Directors of which I am also Chairman of the Board. I also serve on the Comprehensive Plan Committee, the Library Expansion System and the New Fire Station Committee.

 I co-authored with librarian Elizabeth Mitchell and was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation to build a new addition on our public library. I was also instrumental in saving our town approximately $15,000 per year for EMS coverage for our town. I just recently secured a $10,000 a year contract with Chief Tony Ramsdell to supply fire protection to the Town of Topsfield.

I believe I am a strong school program with an emphasis on the town’s infrastructure being strengthened and improved to entice young families to locate here. I also know we should be keeping a finger on the pulse of public safety to ensure residents enjoy the quality of life they expect and deserve.

I would appreciate one of your two votes on June 10, 2014 to continue with the projects we currently are involved with as well as serving you on a day to day basis.

*During this three-year term the Selectboard and Treasurer saw a decrease of 1.5 in the mil rate.



I have lived and raised my family in Princeton for 26 years. I am now running for Selectmen. I hold a degree in Forestry and Theology and am a Licensed Master Maine Guide.

I am a veteran who served in the engineer corps of the U.S. Army and a minister in the Sea Bees Reserve.

I served as minister of the Princeton Baptist Church for nine years.

Currently owner of Green Jeans Farm here in Princeton and drive a school bus for Grand Lake Stream.

If elected Selectmen I want to help keep Princeton a great place to live and raise a family.