St. Croix Opens Events


The Maine Blade Runners held their Woodland Flowage event on Sunday May11th 2014. The event was sponsored by Fulghum Fibers Inc. Pictured are the winners (holding trophies) left to right. Ray McFarlane, Fulghum Fibers rep Mark Seavey, Phil Baird and club President Henry Arseneault. (Submitted photo)

4-Person Fundraiser Held Saturday

Despite inclement weather the St. Croix Country Club had a successful opening tourney event on Saturday. In the 4-Person format the champions with a 59 were Sam Bell, Pat Ellis, Parker Sanderson, and Josh McGuire. Full results follow:

Men’s First Division:

1STSam Bell Pat Ellis, Parker Sanderson, Josh McGuire59(g)

2NDRandy White, Greg Robinson, Matt Harvey, Joe Scullin: 60(g)

1STChris Jackson, Luke Morrow, Cody Boucher, Jordan Morrow: 57(n)

Men’s Second Division:

1STBeau Scott, Frank Birgfeld, Nick DelMonaco, Drake Morrow: 63(g)

2NDBrad McPhee, Corey McPhee, Dana Redding, James Macdonald: 63(g)

1STJustin Hallowell, Pat Sullivan, John Moody, Howie Duvall: 53(n)

Ladies Division:

1STChris Cox, Darlene Horne, Julie Jordan, Fran Lacoute: 72(g)

Mixed Division:

1STAshley Macdonald, Joe Footer, Jason Redding, Toby Cole: 60(g)

1STBasil Pottle, Sue Lara, Mike Hayward, Allison Hayward: 36(n)