Woodland Rec. Notes


RIPKEN (Babe Ruth) BASEBALL / SOFTBALL FARM TEAM & T-BALL: Registration forms for all interested players ages 6 / 12, is currently underway. Forms can be picked up at the Elementary schools at  Woodland, Princeton, Alexander, Topsfield, and Indian Township. F.M.I. contact the Woodland Rec. Dept. at 427-6205, or  at recreation@baileyville.org, or on “Facebook”.  Practices & games have begun interested players may join at any time.

YOGA: Professional instructor, Christine Henry will hold classes on Thurs. Evenings from 5:45 - 7 pm at the Woodland Elem. School, on Thurs. May  22, & 29 . Classes will be open to anyone ages 13 and up. Participants may bring mats, blocks, or blanket to help with the classes

KARATE CLASSES:  Held at the Woodland elem. School; 2:30-3:10 pm. Grades K-3 (Younger students, and ALL beginners are released early). Held during school days only;  n2:30-3:30pm: Grades 4-6 (Yellow Belts ONLY)  ALL TIMES are EASTERN/U.S. times. New students welcome!!! Past students may come back anytime!!!! Remember you need to be registered with the Woodland Rec. Dept.

The Woodland Parks & recreation is always interested in starting New programs. Please contact the Woodland Rec. dept. with your ideas and interest, at 427-6205 or recreation@baileyville.org, or on Facebook.