Town News

Linda Baniszeski

In town news, Pete Trouant advises, “Our Special Town Meeting for the School Budget will be Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at 7:00 PM at the Community Center. There are six or seven School Articles and two or three general Town articles to vote on. The complete warrant will be posted at the Community Center by Tuesday, June 3rd.”   Dawn Winchester reminds everyone about the Father’s Day Coffee at the Community Center, Sunday, June 15, at 10:30 a.m. following the Meddybemps Church service.      

Mark your calendars -- Tuesday, June 10 is  Primary Election Day.  The Community Center will be open all day so be sure to cast your vote!

Liz and Pete Trouant recently enjoyed extensive travel for most of the first three weeks of May.  The Trouants visited family in Dothan, Alabama; Tucson, Arizona; and Norway, Maine.  Lucky them, they missed the last fits of winter in these parts.  Pete said, “Although we missed the last of winter here, we also missed the return of pairs of Bluebirds and Tree Swallows in their front boxes, and the Humming Birds.”   Pete added, “We were here for an Oriole’s brief visit on his way to somewhere else.”

Other wildlife appeared for the first time last week.  A duck with four very tiny little ones visited our shoreline.  A pair of loons were swimming on the lake on Sunday. The Lentz’s saw a very large coyote (or was it a wolf?) and four deer while traveling to Robbinston from Meddybemps.  Mona VanWart posted an interesting picture of a red fox on her Facebook site. Her animal and landscape photos are always beautiful. Our flower gardens are getting quite lush, and a lone yellow butterfly went by the window the other day. Of course, some honey bees stray from the boxes on the blueberry fields and they find their way around town.   

Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Jeff Orchard helped the Trouants get the Camp water turned on, and their boat in for the season.  Pete and Jeff also did the first Secchi  (water clarity) test of the season. They usually do two tests in May. Not this year. “That evening,” Pete said, “our son Dan and his two sons, Kaz and Jagger with their girl friends arrived at camp. The girls had never been here before, so now there are a couple more enthusiasts! Summer’s off to a great start!”

Last week, we saw Bob and Linda Gordon with their dogs out on the lake a few times in their boat.  This past weekend’s fine weather also encouraged many of us to take our boats to “the rim” for the first time this year.  Wild azaleas create a gorgeous border of pinkish lilac colors between the edge of the rim and heath.  Terry Reynolds, Tammi Smith, Dan Wallace and his business partner, and Dan’s lab/shep mix dog, “Sparky” greatly enjoyed the warm temperatures and bright sunshine.  Sparky kept Tammi quite busy throwing his ripped up tennis ball (new that morning) into the lake for him to retrieve.  Also at the rim were Barry and I with my sister Patty Lentz and her husband, Rich with our little dogs, Scuffy and Emmie, respectively.  Mike Johnson and Diana St. Pierre were there in his pontoon boat, as were Debbie and Carl Gordon with their two dogs.  It was a pretty good sized group for the first of June.

Belated Birthday wishes to Cheryl Zwingman-Bagley, who celebrated hers on May 28; and we hope she had a great day.  Joe Demmons celebrates his birthday on June 6.   Barry and my sister and her husband took me to The Redclyffe for a lovely birthday dinner on my birthday, May 29.  The night before, we had dinner with my sister and husband at their camp, and she made me a yummy birthday cake.  I am very thankful for the many beautiful cards and thoughtful gifts from family and friends.  Thanks to all.  You know who you are.  Getting older is just fine, considering the alternative.  

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