WCCC Youth Summer Program

CALAIS _ Summer is going to be a whole lot of fun for those young people who sign up for this year’s Washington County Community College Summer Program.

WCCC President Joe Cassidy said he was excited about this year’s proposed summer classes. “This is a great opportunity for area students from Grand Lake Stream to Steuben to take part in some exciting and fun summer programs,” he said. “We are pleased that we are able to offer a smorgasbord of classes that should be of interest to almost everyone.”

A popular course that was held last year and is being offered again this year is the Baby Sitting Course scheduled for June 25-27. The two-day course will teach those young people who are interested in making money some of the basic skills and techniques necessary to be a top-notch babysitter. In addition, a certificate is awarded to those who have successfully completed the course. 

“That was a very successful course last year. The course stands these young people apart from their friends because they can show they have a certificate that they successfully completed the program,” said Scott Harriman, WCCC’s assistant dean of Community Education and Student Affairs.

Another summer school program this year will focus on Maine history. The class is scheduled to start June 24 and will run for four days. The emphasis will be on Maine history from 1820 to now. “In 1820, Maine became a state. We know there are history buffs in our schools and we hope to capture that interest with this class,” he said.

This summer is not all about classroom activities as the college has scheduled a one-day Campfire Cuisine Course on June 28. Students and parents alike can travel to Greenland Point Center in Princeton and learn how to cook outdoors. The minimum enrollment for this class is eight. “This is a great class for students interested in camping or just cooking in their backyard,” the dean added.

Focusing on the rich beauty of the area, the college also is offering an Under the Sea Camp for students beginning on July 9, and running for three days. Students will have an opportunity to observe sea life in its natural habitat and learn about the rivers and oceans and the underwater life that they contain and sustain. 

For youngsters who are interested in being a firefighter, police officer, or Emergency Medical Technician there will be a fabulous introductory course that begins on July 22. Taught by area experts, the class will focus on each of the three disciplines. 

In August, the Fun and Fitness Camp is for those who are looking for some exercise this summer. Students are invited to the campus for a week of fitness related activities ranging from walking to Zumba lessons.

Art enthusiasts are invited to attend the WCCC Art Camp. The camp will deal with basic art concepts and mediums and will provide an opportunity for those youngsters interested in drawing or painting to continue to hone their skills this summer.

For those students who are interested in creative writing, there will be a creative writing class beginning on Aug. 19.  Students can spend a week at WCCC working on their creative writing skills, everything from short story to novellas. It will be an exciting time for students to work creatively with others who share similar writing interests. 

For more information about times and fees contact Harriman at 454-1012 or sharriman@wccc.me.edu.