“Perils of the Sea” Songs of Shipwrecks, Lifesaving, & Lighthouses

A Tribute to the Men & Women who work on our Waters & Coast

Shipwreck is the awful reality of maritime life, but so too is heroism: the heroics of men and women facing shipwreck; the heroics of those who work to save their lives; and the heroics of those who work to warn of danger on the coast. Throughout history men and women have battled against the “hungry sea,” and poets and troubadours have sung to remember and to praise their struggles. The songs, like the perils of the sea, are filled with explosive emotions of fear, longing, and ultimately of loss or salvation. The 13th century Scots ballad “Sir Patrick Spens” and Gordon Lightfoot’s 1970s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” tell of loss, but “The Brave Seaman,” written in 1928 by Kathleen Clark, a 15 year old sophomore at Pembroke High School, and the daughter of a Pembroke mariner, speaks of the unhesitating willingness to help those facing death at sea, and the early Gospel song “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning,” speaks of hope.

The Chantey Sing is led by “From Away Downeast,” America’s Easternmost Chantey Group, with Susan Sanfilippo (vocal), Stephen Sanfilippo (vocal, banjo, and concertina) and Jim Sherman (vocal and guitar), with the audience invited to join in on the choruses.

The Pembroke Library is located at 221 Old County Road, opposite the horse race track and fair grounds. The concert starts at 7 PM. Admission is Free. FMI call 207-726-4747 or 207-726-4745, or email seasongs@207me.com.