Beckett Center News

Town News

We haven’t written for a while, so following is 3 weeks of news from FBC.

Monday was Memorial Day, so there was no Program.

Tuesday was Equestrian. The crew brushed and saddled the horses. They rode them and some did showmanship.

Wednesday some went bowling in St. Stephen. In the afternoon we had our last dance lesson for the season. We would like to thank Susan for coming and teaching dancing.

Thursday we went for a long walk and played basketball.

Friday some shopped at Wal-Mart and did banking. The meal consisted of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and carrot sticks along with crystal light to drink. For dessert we had chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

Monday, June 2, we made bird feeders and took a long walk.

Tuesday was our first fishing adventure for the season. We went in small groups and had a blast!

Wednesday some did the Equestrian program, some worked on computers, while others did crafts and went for walks.

Thursday was spent getting ready for our big Special Olympic weekend in Orono!

Friday morning, June 6th, the Beckett Center loaded up the vans and headed to the Brewer/Bangor Lanes for a bowling tournament against other teams, like OHI and Mert. Everyone did a great job. Some received bowling scores of 80 and 70. Our next stop on the agenda was going to the University of Maine in Orono to be checked into our dorm rooms. We stayed at Gannett Hall. That night we had pizza, chips, ice cream and milk for supper. Then the crew took part in the fantastic parade. We saw clowns galore, huge ambulances and tons of cheerleaders. Then we joined in the festivities. Next on the agenda, the crew headed back to the dorm rooms and went to bed. The next morning on Saturday, the athlete’s ate breakfast at Well’s Hall. Breakfast was delicious. It consisted of eggs, sausage, tater tots and French toast. Then we went to our events. For lunch we had sandwiches, fruit, crackers, chips, and water. Then the events rolled on. Supper was a yummy feast of stuffed shells, chicken, potatoes, salad, rolls and cake for dessert. Then we had a blast at the dance!  We reconnected with old friends and made new ones. Sunday morning we had pancakes, eggs and potatoes. Also some had events. The crew did very well. Some got first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place. Everyone had a great time and we are already looking forward to next summer!

Monday, June 9th, some went for a walk, while others water the flower boxes. Calais culinary arts, from WCCC, treated us with a lot of whoopie pies. We would like to thank them for their kind donation. They were delicious!

Tuesday Healthy Snack consisted of a variety of snacks. Then some played Wii bowling and Yahtzee.

Wednesday the crew headed to the boat landing in Robbinston to eat lunch and play badminton and a few participated in fishing. Also talked with friends and soaked up the sun.

Thursday some participants went to horses in the morning, while others went bowling in St. Stephens. The group had a ball.

Friday a few went banking and few decided to play Wii bowling and talked with friends. We had a cookout of cheeseburgers and potato salad with homemade banana bread for dessert.