The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard

Welcome back to the Dragons Den! This will be our last week of newspaper writing before the summer vacation. We’ve had an exciting penultimate week, so let’s get the ball rolling with this weeks news. 

The awards ceremony for underclassmen took place during the school day on Tuesday, June 11th. The awards ceremony was preceded by a BBQ cookout for the students, who ate lunch on the school lawn, and some delicious brownie sundaes. Students received awards including Most Improved and Overall Achievement from their individual teachers, as well as awards for having Honors and High Honors GPAs for the entire year. Then, students were taken outside for field day activities including kickball, touch football, and volleyball. It was a warm, sunny, fun day for all, and a great way to end the year.   

The WHS Baseball boys had a truly amazing end to their season. They climbed higher and higher in the playoffs, defeating the number one seated team, Southern Aroostook, in an amazing playoff game. After a few re-schedulings, the team headed to Limestone for their semi-final! They were unfortunately defeated in that stage of the playoffs, but they had an absolutely amazing season and we are very, VERY proud of them for the achievements. Great season, boys. 

That just about draws the WHS school year to a close. Thank you so much for coming back, week after week, to keep up with the lives of students at Woodland Junior Senior High School. We hope to have you back next year with even more news from the Home of The Dragons. Until then, have a great summer, and thanks for checking in!