Newfoundland's Popular All Sister Group, ASHELIN”, Returns to Calais Maine!

Calais Celtic Concerts, with New England Celtic Arts, will present Ashelin, Newfoundland's highly acclaimed Celtic-Pop band at the Washington County Community College, on Friday June 13th. Show time starts at 7:00 PM, U.S,/ 8:00 PM Canadian. The group was here two years ago during the International Festival and performed in the Immaculate Conception Church and absolutely won over the crowd with their stunning harmonies.

Indigenous to the rocky shores of Newfoundland, are a five sibling female band with a sound described as “Canadiana” folk. Kaliyan, Joesie, Thea, and Shaelin Palmer began making music together from a very young age. They never expected this childhood passion to flourish like it did and soon found themselves embarking on a musical journey that is winning them attention of fans from all around the world. Ashelin have become known for their sparkling female vocals and intricate harmonies which create an interesting brand of folk roots that shines through their original song writing and novel interpretations of traditional tunes.

Their first public performance took place in 1997 when the siblings were just between the ages of 2 and 9. Shaelin, the youngest member, did not join the group until 1999. In 2012, Ashelin kicked off the year with a 3 week tour to Ireland during thre Mid-March St. Patrick's Day celebrations. They then headed to Tennessee where they spent the month of April performing for Dolly Wood's Festival of Nations. Since then, Ashelin have toured Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Labrador, St. Pierre and Miquelon, the North-Eastern corner of the US, Maine and New Hampshire, and (for the second time) Doha, Qatar which brought them accolades, standing ovations and record houses.

Washington County Community College is located at One College Drive, Calais, ME. 04619, next to the Calais High School out on the River Road, Rt. 1, going South from Calais. Ticket price is $15.00 adult, $5.00 for 15yrs. and under. Pre-show tickets can be bought at; Karen's Diner and Corner Pub, and will be available at the door, however seating is limited! For more info, call 207-214-2067.

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