Eastport to Reenact British Invasion of 1814

By Lura Jackson

Two centuries ago, on July 18th of 1814, a hostile British force invaded Eastport and took control of the small American city. Over one thousand British soldiers were carried into Passamaquoddy Bay on a massive 74-gun ship of the line, a most unwelcome sight for the fifty soldiers manning Fort Sullivan's six cannons in Eastport. The American forces surrendered to the British soldiers, and for the next four years, Eastport was once again part of the English empire. 

In commemoration of that notable event, the Border Historical Society is holding a two-day celebration from July 11-12th in Eastport. A series of festivities are planned, including a reenactment of the capture of the town, demonstrations by period-dressed soldiers at the Peavey Library, a historic play, and performances from the Oromocto Pipe and Drum Band. Artifacts from the time period will be on display at the Tides Institute and Art Museum, and area restaurants will each feature a British meal. All events (including the public breakfast) are offered free of charge and are open to the public. The festival will conclude with a discussion panel featuring several historical authors from the area who will provide insight on the significance of the occupation as well as what it was like to live under British rule. 

For a detailed schedule, please visit http://borderhistoricalsociety.com/Britishtwo.html. The Border Historical Society is accepting donations to help offset the cost of the festival. For more information or to contact the society, e-mail borderhistoricalsociety@yahoo.com.