Calais Police

I have met with the US Customs and Border Protection Port Director Richard Rowley who has advised that he and his people want to help us during this trying time. He advised that CBP would be willing to take over all finger printing that needs to be done in Calais. Starting Monday, July 7th, 2014 CBP will be doing finger prints Monday through Friday 8AM- 9PM (excluding holidays) at 180 International Ave. If you need finger prints please call them ahead of time at 904-3000 ext 1.

It is great to see other agencies step up and go the extra mile when times get tough.

The Director also wanted me to remind everyone that all three border crossings are still a " Safe Havens". If you are in a situation that you need protection and you are being followed or stalked the 3 ports of entries have well trained personnel that can help if there isn't an officer at the Calais Police Station. I want to be clear that this is for emergencies only. 

Regular complaints can be called in to either 911 or the non-emergency number at 454-2751.

Chief David Randall

Calais Police Department