Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The weather has been very enjoyable for the past week.  It is definitely strawberry weather and it will be over shortly.  Today the humidity is a bit high and the experts are predicting heavy rain showers for Tuesday and Wednesday.  At least we will not have to shovel it.

The St. Croix Family Health Center has “tick spoons” for removing ticks from pets and humans.  According to the media, ticks are in large supply in Maine and everyone who walks in woods or tall grasses must be aware of the threat they present.  Removing them from their host is particularly tricky because the remover has to be sure to get the head of the critter along with the rest of its body.  Ticks are really small, but as they suck blood from their host, they increase in size and are a bit scary.  The spoons are available at the health center and the workers there are urging residents to have one with them on outdoor excursions.

 Another caution this week is for those people who are enjoying the many lakes and fishing holes in the area.  The State Warden Service has been clear about the rules and the fact they are enforcing them. They encourage all boaters to obey the safety standards.

Elden Jackson is home from EMMC (Bangor) but is still requiring hospital attention at Calais regional.  He is enjoying the time he can spend at home, but both he and Donna are tired from the travel.

Lynn Hill is recuperating at a health care facility in Bangor.  Both her family and George’s family are giving them a hand in keeping the home fires burning.

Tim Kane, the superintendent of schools in AOS 90, has resigned.  The boards in the district are advertising for an applicant. The large districts that have been formed are rife with financial problems as well as tremendous time commitments for any superintendent to attend all of the many board meetings. It is no wonder that the turn over rate in these positions is growing.

The W. T. Wren American Legion Auxiliary celebrated the end of another year by eating out at the Old School Family Restaurant in Princeton on Friday.  Attending were members, Blanche Haskins, Charlene Perkins, Sandra Chute, Ruth Foss, Jean Kneeland, Samantha Meserve, Sherrill Meserve, Shirley Murphy and Dorothy Johnson.

The group voted that those working on Bingo whether they are members or not will be invited to the celebration next year.  Many of the auxiliaries projects as well as all of the bills at the Legion Hall and scholarship are paid for by the bingo fund.

Vice-principal Chuck Noyes retired this year after many years serving the Woodland High School.  He can be credited with many of the “extras” at the high school like the flower gardens.  Chuck could always be counted on to go the last mile for many of the students that would not have graduated were it not for his support.  For the last few years he and Principal Metta have been a very supportive team for those students needing a hand.  Many projects these two administrators carry out are done quietly and without any fanfare so many students and personnel do not know about them. The students that receive the help know about it though and they are appreciative to both of these administrators.  They asked me to wish Mr. Noyes good luck and none of them thinks he will really retire. Thanks for everything, Chuck.

This week I have to make up for my computer’s lack of cooperation last week.  Happy birthday wishes, both belated and on time, for the weeks from July 11th through July 24 are going out to the following:  Herbert Melanson, Troy Reynolds. Dan Hanson, Miranda Newman,  Lorie Diadone, Rejean Roussel, Kerry Perry, Shelby Bassett, Molly Jo Gallant, Sarah Irving, Billy Seavey, Brenda McDonough, Alvie Hanson, Hope Hayward, Alex Richard, Amanda Delmonaco, Robert Hill, Derek Howard, Benjamin Morrison, Craig Cilley, Prue Maxwell, Sally Smith, Marilyn Roderick, Kathy Curtis, Megan Sullivan, Brandy Allen, Doug Sadler, Caleb Morrison, Richard Bailey, Becky Varnum, Stephen Lincoln, Jr., Kyla Ramsdell, Anna Johnson, Jen Pratt, Denise Arthurs, Seth Knowles, Mike Polk and Josh Brewer. I hope you had (have) a very wonderful day.

Catching up on anniversaries for the same two weeks mentioned above and celebrating are Bill and Heidi Seavey, Martin and Bobbie-Jo Cooke, Arlene and Richard Blaney, Gary and Phyllis Carr, Matthew and Kylie James, Shawn and Lisa Howland, and Amy and Wayne Morrison.  Your friends and families are wishing you a very special day.

Special hellos are going out this week to anyone not feeling his or her best and to anyone worrying about any health problems.

Stay safe and have a great week.