Town News

Arline Flood


We have robins in our yard each morning no matter what the weather, but now we are worried for the rabbits and the deer that we were to welcome back. There was several coyotes in the back fields and woods last week. We could hear them yapping and my brother spotted one. Several people have spied the doe and little fawn in the road near our house. They seem to be living in danger. We have two cats that we worry about with the coyotes coming in so close. The neighborhood cat has a funny looking bunch of fur that looks like an extra leg hanging from him. Has anyone else seen it up close? We still feed it on occasion but can’t get too close as it bolts.

The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department has had a busy summer so far and have responded to over 20 incidents. On Thursday and also Friday they were over on Cooper Hill because of the rollover of a tractor-trailer owned by L. Hamilton hauling about 90,000 lbs. of wood chips. The driver, Joshua Gass, had a shoulder injury and was taken by EMS to Calais Regional Hospital. The road was closed several times during the cleanup and on Friday the tractor-trailer was unloaded and righted and hauled away. The accident took place where, as many will remember, a tile was sunk into the side of the road and wonderful cold water was used by many. This became contaminated some years back and discontinued. The shoulder of the road was soft and spongy and I’ve heard the theory that the truck might have been too close to the shoulder of the road and it collapsed. Anyway it’s wonderful that the driver, Mr. Gass, wasn’t seriously hurt.

Under sunny skies with a light summer breeze, a memorial service was held with Carroll Flood laid to rest in the family lot. The service was officiated by his brother, Pastor Rolfe Flood, with family and friends gathered around. Janice Flood led the singing of one of Carroll’s favorite  songs, Mansion Over the Hilltop. It seemed so appropriate as we sang at the foot of Hill’s Hill Evergreen Cemetery, with the sum shining and a few clouds floating overhead. Carroll was a happy, easy going and devoted Christian. Carroll lived in Texas with his second wife, Beverly, who made his last 13 years fulfilling and happy. She honored his wishes to have his ashes sent to his hometown of Cooper.  We wish her the best and give her our sympathy over the loss of him. Later a reception was held at the Community Center/Grange Hall where a lunch was enjoyed, wonderful memories shared and many pictures studied. The family plans for a stone soon

Pastor Jeremy Townes gave the church service at the Meddybemps Christian Church on the 13th a.m. What a service it was. He is a clever musical person and he gave quite a service. He is also the Towne Fryer and brought the usual donuts to give away. We had some at the Flood service. They bring bags for people to take home. YUM!

The Cathance Lake Association will hold the annual Loon Count on Saturday, July 19th, 7 - 7:30. Karen Holmes organizes this event and has a record 13 groups of loon counters.

The CLA annual meeting and BBQ will be held on Saturday, July 26th at the Community Center .9:30 am: gathering, 10:00 meeting followed by eating and enjoying sumptuous food. (A larger than usual number of members signed up for the meeting this year.)

Once again we joined family and friends for the pancake  breakfast. It was good and we lingered much toto long but we like to visit. The Cathance Lake Association did their usual great job, selling bags and hats with the logo on it for the first time “Cathance Lake, Maine” and also holding a 50/50 raffle and some cookbooks by he Association itself. The dues and money earned supports projects that protect lakes and getting out information. They also support a scholarship for Greenland Point. They are teaching our youth water safety and ways of protecting our lakes.

Winnie Demmons, her sister Virginia, brother Philip, and sister and husband Jean and Jimmy Kelly set at the table beside us. There was a big 80th birthday party on Sunday for Winnie. My family grew up with the Keenes and we shared some happy times. We wish Winnie all the best.

There will be a Selectboard meeting on Thursday, July 17th at 6:30 p.m.

Cathance Grange met on Wednesday, July 9th with enough officers to hold a meting. We missed Frank Green. John has been treated for a back problem and Mary Campbell had cataract surgery. We all seem to have problems so didn’t mail out any get well cards, just spoke to them. I finally mailed back the 30 day event monitor that I’ve been sporting and am glad to free of it.

The lecturer, Louise Lee, had a program of skits, jokes, stories and quiz.

The CWA prize was won by Will Day and the mystery prizes, Neal and Peggy Hallee. A lunch is always served downstairs.