Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


Last Saturday  morning, the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church held a church council meeting at the home of Sue Crawford. Ron Windhorst was the moderator and Colin Windhorst recorded the minutes. The first item on the agenda was the window fund. The lexon is ready to put in place of the stained glass pieces as they are removed and put into special crates. Help is needed for this task. The church needs to raise a significant amount of money from the public. It was decided to set up a Facebook page. Families and descendants of families with ties to the church can contact the minister and in recognition a few lines will be added to the page every few days. There is also the possibility of having a concert before the end of summer.

It was voted to buy a large sign with large letters that will be attached to a post in front of the church and will let the public know of the activities of the church.

It was voted to change the time of service from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in October when we turn back the clocks.

If you would like any further information on sponsoring a window or giving a donation, call the minister at 726-3905.

Happy Birthday to Sylvia Ingham on the 21st, Chard Lord and Davin Murray on the 22nd, Chad Allen and Sue Harvey on the 28th, Kyle Warren on the 29th and Nadine Stanhope on the 31st.

Don’t forget the important town meeting next Monday.