Bridge to Academic Success

CALAIS _ Washington County Community College is offering two one-week development programs to help WCCC students boost their skills in preparation for college work.

The Bridge to Academic Success program is free through the Student Success Scholarships program provided by the Maine Community College System.

Each one-week program is designed to prepare students whose Accuplacer exam scores are near the cutoff for college-level coursework, but not high enough to avoid having to take remedial classes in English and mathematics. 

The first Bridge Session begins August 11 and ends August 15. The second Bridge Session begins August 18 and ends August 22. 

“It is a refresher in English and/or math and then it allows the student to take the Accuplacer Exam again.  Every student who enrolls in college has to take the exam for course placement,” said WCCC Academic Dean David Sousa. “It is an exam that determines where we place them in math and English.” If the student successfully passes the Accuplacer Exam a second time they will be allowed to enroll in college-level classes, thereby saving both the cost of and time spent in academic classes. 

Sousa said that it is important for those students who may wish to enroll in the program contact the Donna Geel by calling 454-1013.