AOS 77 Superintendent Remains on Job

By Ruth Leubecker

Contrary to several reports of those attending Robbinston’s recent referendum vote, AOS 77 Superintendent Jim Underwood has not resigned from his position.

“It was a huge mistake. I did not resign,” Underwood said last week.

“I absolutely have not resigned,” Underwood, who started his career in the system as principal of Union 106 in 2004, has been superintendent of AOS 77 since 2010, when 106 joined Union 104 and SAD 19 to form the AOS.

In a town meeting held on August 4 the Robbinston school board presented its plan for tackling nearly $68,000 in school budget cuts.

However, 110 residents voted 70 to 40 against the board’s proposed recommendations. Due to the defeat of the school board’s budget proposal, the Robbinston school administrators must come up with further cuts on their own.

“Within the upcoming school year we have to find further areas to cut the budget,” said Underwood last week. “At this point, this is my responsibility as well as the school board’s responsibility.”

According to Underwood, those further areas amount to about $40,000 in additional cuts. “I have no idea at this point where those cuts will be,” he said. “But they must happen.”

Tom Critchley, school board chair, has tendered his resignation, as well as Brenda Donovan, Robbinston’s teaching principal. Qualified applicants may apply for Robbinston’s teaching principal position by calling 853-2567.