Town News

Dorothy Johnson

The weather has supported another week of yard sales.  We have had a few showers and a few hours of humidity, but generally speaking, the weather gods have been smiling on Baileyville as well as the Blueberry Festival in Machias and Princeton Days. 

We were all pleased to hear that if everything keeps going in a healing direction, Lynn Leighton will be home at the end of the month.  She has had a long siege of broken and bruised bones and is making progress with her walking routine at Stillwater Healthcare. 

Mrs. McLellan from South Princeton took a fall and broke her hip.  She is in Eastern Maine Medical Center at this time.

Quite a few residents of Woodland attended the Masonic breakfast in Princeton on Saturday.  The men in the kitchen were doing a great job with the pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. I missed seeing some of the “old timers,” but was pleased to see some younger men helping out.

The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary have had new steps at the back door of the legion building.  The old railings were not secure and the steps needed to be replaced.  The two organizations will share the expense. The Legion Building is used for a variety of activities so it is good that it is kept in good repair.

Matt Smith, son of John, Jr. and Michelle Gallant, is planning to move his family to Maine and will reside in Baileyville for a while.  Matt has served a tour of duty with the United States Navy.  Then he worked a few years in the South; now he wants to come “home.” He will be working in the mill when he gets settled.  It is always a pleasure to welcome those former Dragons to town.

Janice and Rolfe Flood, long-time residents of Palm Street, have moved up the waiting list for a senior apartment in Bangor and as soon as it is cleaned by the company, they will be moving to that area.  They have been at the Methodist Homes in Calais for just over a year.  Moving to Bangor will have them closer to their daughter Rhonda and grandsons, Ben and Jacob, and to their doctors.

Ann Wheelock has been home visiting with her daughter Susan and son Scott and their families for several weeks.  Now she says the weather is getting cooler and will be returning to Florida next week. Many of her classmates and friends from her many years in town have had a chance to visit with her.

I received note and a recipe from Sarasota, Florida last week from Roslyn Faulkner.  I did not recognize the name until some of her classmates told me that it was Rosie Wallace from Little Woodland. I knew Rosie from the bank, but did not realize that Roslyn was the smiling, helpful Rosie I knew.  She had found a rhubarb curd recipe in her newspaper in Florida and sent it to me.  Thanks, Rosie, and all of your friends from back home send a big hello. We are glad to hear you are keeping up with us.

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church are planning for the Dan Schall Concert on Wednesday, August 27th.  Remember there will be a spaghetti supper for concert goers only at 5:15 in the church basement.  This will be a good time for those interested.

The Riverside Rebekahs have been notified that with their bottle and can count and their cash donations, they have earned over $700 for their latest bottle drive. Their next project is a food sale for August 30th.

Sherry Emery and the other holiday committees will have a preliminary schedule of events for October Fest for the column or an article next week.  The committee is working on having more crafters and/or vendors for the old shopping center parking lot this year.  Hopefully, some eager residents will lend a hand.

Tim Call told me that he is excited to have his youngest son Drake back in town.  Drake will stay with his Dad for the school year.  Speaking of school, the administrators are trying to get an approximate number for students attending so any readers with new students to register might want to start thinking about their registrations. I know all of the students are thinking about the new year because some of them have been to Bangor to buy their school clothes with money they earned themselves.

Big Baileyville happy birthday wishes are going out this week (August 22 through August 28th) to the following: Eyrn Crowe, Martha Yates, Josh Thornton, Browyn Foley, Todd Bassett, Paul Beckett, Emily Clark, Bill Geirlich, Steve Cilley, Jennie Kinney, Mackenzie Hansen, Darlene Norman, Brewer Andrews, Penni Theriault, Ronna Coleman, Barney Perry, Brett McGaw, Jenna Howard and Derrick Perry.  We wish you all a great day of celebration.

Anniversary wishes and the echoes of wedding bells are going out this week to Pastor Randy and Carolyn Chretien (better late than never), Carol and Kenny Stoddard, Patrick and Beth Phelps, Ron and Deb Kelly, Sue and Brian Giles, Brian and Meredith McLaughlin, Steve and Lorraine Annis and Lyle and Jill Hamilton. Your friends and families are wishing you a great day of celebration.

Special hellos are going out to Leo and Madeline Perkins, George and Lynn Hill, Vicki O’Neill, Gail Moffit, Ida Kneeland, Lois Stimson, Greta Leighton, Gloria Smith and anyone else who needs a lift. 

Stay safe and have a great week.