Calais City Council Accepts Resignation of Rec. Director

By Kaileigh Deacon

Mayor Marianne Moore presents Quinn Sluzenski with a letter congratulating and thanking Sluzenski for her participation and Bronze medal win at the Skills USA National Competition in Kansas City. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

The Calais City Council held their meeting in Council Chambers on Thursday August 14 at 6pm. The Council Started the meeting with a special presentation to recent Calais High School graduated Quinn Sluzenski. Quinn was part of the St. Croix Regional Technical Center and participated in the Skills USA competition. After winning a gold medal in the regional competition Sluzenski went to the National Competition and took home a bronze medal. Mayor Marianne Moore presented Sluzenski with a letter on behalf of the City of Calais, the Council, and herself. 

Marianne Moore: We thank you for representing us on this National Stage and wish you all the best as you continue your education at Harvard University.

Three Public Hearings were held at Thursday’s meeting, the dangerous dog addition to the Animal Control Ordinance, the Fireworks Ordinance, and the Dangerous Building concerning the property at 45 Baring Street. The addition of the Dangerous Dog section to the Animal Control Ordinance and moving forward with the Dangerous Building passed. The Fireworks Ordinance was tabled and sent back to the Public Safety Committee for further review and consideration. 

The Council then moved into Old Business starting with the City Manager’s Report. The other committees presented their reports with the Economic/Community Development Committee Scheduling a meeting for Friday August 28 at 9am in Council Chambers. The council also voted that going forward the docks need to be in at the waterfront no later than May 1 so that boats wanting to dock aren’t turned away. 

The Council then approved the purchase of a tax acquired property at 16 Stillson Street. They then approved Sewer Write offs for tax acquired properties at 106 Union Street and 72 Downes Street. 

Next the council discussed making changes to the City Charter. It was decided that the Council needed to have a workshop to figure out which changes were amendments and would need a to go to public hearing and a vote and which were policy changes. The Council scheduled a workshop for August 28 at 6pm in Council Chambers. 

Robert Seeley of the Public Works department asked for the council’s permission to have Moore’s Auto in Baileyville do the necessary work to the damaged plow truck to get it ready for the coming winter. The Council also approved allowing Seeley to go out and start getting bids for Winter Sand and Gravel.

In New business the Council accepted the 2013 CWSRF Loan and approved expenditures from the Dawson Fund for the construction of a low stage on the waterfront to be used by any local group and maintained by the city as well as the expenditure for the International Festival Schedule Welcoming Ad. 

The Council also approved the Armory Water Line Project. The project would consist of enlarging the pipes around the Armory on Garfield Street to accommodate new  sprinkler lines.

Marianne Moore: This is a win-win. It’s a great opportunity for everyone.

Then council also decided to advertise locally for the City Solicitor position that will be vacated by David Fletcher on November 1. It was the wish of the council to start advertisement locally to get a local attorney. 

The council also regretfully accepted the resignation of Recreation Director Toby Cole. Cole has been appointed to the position of the Jobs for Maine Graduates Teacher at the Calais Middle/High School. With the resignation the council has agreed to place an advertisement in local papers as well as with several organizations.

Toby Cole: I want to thank all of you guys. I’m not leaving because I don’t enjoy what I’m doing now. It’s strictly for personal reasons to spend more time with my family and do things I want to do like coach and officiate.

Before closing the counsel wanted to thank everyone involved for putting on a great International Festival. The Counsel also expressed concern regarding the future of the Festival.

Artie Mingo: I’m asking for the public to step up to the plate. If we want to have a good image and we want to talk positive then we need to have positive things happen. But nothing is going to happen if we don’t have people step up to the plate and make these things happen. If we don’t have people step up to the plate we may not have an International Festival next year.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for September 11 at 6-m in the council Chambers at City Hall.