Town News

Arline Flood


The Days blueberry operation finished the season on Friday as did several others. It was a good year for the growers. Now comes the planning for next year’s crop. These berries are wild but need a lot of care to get the large fields that are enjoyed today. I’ll miss the rakers for a while and getting into the field in the freshness of the morning. Ralph sure came to the front, taking care of everything at home and running the yard sale. I hope he keeps up the good work..

Get well wishes to Janet Ketchen who has been quite sick with bronchitis.

Jimmy and Helen Pike have been in the area over the International Festival. Also Steven and Sheri Almato for the going away party for  J.C. Myers who is leaving for the Marines. We wish him all the best.

Roger and Janet Flood have been visiting in the area from Glenn Rock, PA in York  County. Roger has been visiting all the familiar areas with his school mate Peter Perkins and introduced Janet to this beautiful area.

The family of George and Mary (Buck) Flood Reunion  was held at the Meddybemps Community Center on Sunday, August 17 with 33 attending. It was a really good time. Enough funds were made to put up a cemetery stone on Carroll’s grave. His dearest wish was to have his final resting place in the family lot in Cooper. There was a lively auction with Sandy Lyon and Beverly Richards doing the honors. Also a bucket was passed which was filled with money too. I think this shows the great love the family holds for the good of the family. After what Sandy went through last winter and spring, it was wonderful to see her so lively. The usual pot luck dinner was held before a service by our own Pastor, Rolfe Flood and some funny and touching stories were told about the life of Carroll and Rolfe told a brief history of life. His widow, Beverly, lives in Texas with her daughter since suffering a stroke. I will send her a copy of this news and our love with it wishing her the best. She made a big difference in his life in his final years. He turned 90 years old in December and the only medication he took was a baby aspirin. There wasn’t anyone present from Berry or Arnold’s family. Arnold’s daughter Joan has remarried and she is now Joan Booth and I think we called him Bo.

Those present at the Flood Family Reunion were: Hayden’s family: Carole and Alan Smith, Faye and Jerry Robinson, Roger and Janet Flood and Ann Flood. From Kay’s family: Franklin and Pauline Sadler, Beverly Richardson, Joyce Dahlgreen and Kay Sadler. From the late Dot White’s family: Calvin White, Mary and Doug Poulin, Diane and Richard Corbett, Bruce White and friend Nada, Mike and Mickie White, Devon, Brian, Chaz and Danika Stock. Rolfe and Janice Flood: Rhonda Flood, Jacob Turner. Ralph and Arline Flood: Marcia and Paul Wheelock, Sandy Lyon, Ronnie and Ann Marie Flood, Philip and Karyn Flood. (Forgive me if I messed up your name).

For some reason I forgot to take paper to write on with me. Rolfe heard from Arnold’s daughter, Judy Bouteller and she is now a caretaker of her husband Ronald and unable to leave him. It was nice to connect with so many family members once again. Especially Roger who we haven’t seen for many years. I lived with Hayden and Lorraine for one summer and had a wonderful time with the kids. And when a very special baby was born, Ann, I fell in love with her and all babies. I told her that she was my first baby. 

The next reunion will be on August 16, 2015 at the Meddybemps Community Center.

The Brown family reunion, which is held  in Grand Lake Stream, was a huge success and forty family members attended. This is Janice Flood’s family on her mother’s side.

The McVickers family, four of them, raked blueberries and got their reward, a camping trip to the Paul Bunyan camp grounds in Bangor. They were excited about eating Chinese and shopping at the mall along with activities at the park. Their grandparents, David and Elizabeth, have a new camper and I’m sure they want to visit with them as they were planning to go camping at the same time. The kids, Kyle, Kayla, Willow and Ashley were in the field with their Dad at 6 in the morning. It doesn’t get any better then that to have them raking.

Thursday, August 21st is the Selectboard meeting at the Town Hall.

The volunteer fire department met on Tuesday, August 12th with a speaker, Joanne McHaman. The usual business was taken care of. A very large area has been cleaned of trees and rocks by Ronnie Flood and helpers to make a difference in parking and new signs have been put up by the state to mark the Fire Department.

Pastor Jeremy Townes was at the Meddybemps Christian Church again this Sunday. He gives a great service with singing. We love it!

There will be the annual business meeting on Sunday, August 24th.