Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It continues to be a nice summer season in Meddybemps.  We’ve had just the right combination of sun, warm and needed rain.  The lake has stayed at a safe level for boating; and warm enough for swimming and water sports.  Life is good.

Congratulations to Rob Gordon upon his marriage August 16 aboard a boat at Eastport, Maine.  Hopefully, more details will be forthcoming from his mom, Linda Gordon, for next week’s news.  Congratulations to Sarah Bell and Mike Thomas as well, who were married the same day at Sugarloaf resort, Sugarloaf, Maine. It was a beautiful celebration of their marriage. Remember guys:  “happy wife, happy life.”

Best birthday wishes to Richard Skinner, Jr., and Charlene Decker - August 21; Vince Dineen, Rob Gordon and Barbara Hansen on the 22nd; Janice Frost and Virginia Moffatt - 23; and Julie Hascom - 24.  

The 1972 Calais High School Class Reunion and 60th Birthday Party was held last Friday, August 8, during the International Festival, at Terry Reynolds’ Meddybemps home.  A good sized crowd gathered on his property early that afternoon through the evening.  License plates indicated attendees traveled from as far as Florida and states in between to share in the festivities and reunion.  Terry said, “We didn’t just want to have another reunion. Since most of us turn 60 throughout the year, we decided we would make it a great big birthday party.”  Festive balloons, signs and streamers celebrated the “over the hill gang.”  Besides class members, other family members, neighbors and friends were invited to the party.  Terry’s granddaughter, Alyssa Shaw, was a great help throughout the week before and during the party. She did a lot of the decorations and staging for the event.

Other family members on the lake during Festival week were Tammi Smith’s daughters Mindy and Bonnie with Chris Brown and Matt, respectively, each with their adorable pugs. Jennifer and Bill Doten, Jr., were here from Scarborough, and returned home with Alyssa on the 11th.  

Mona Van Wart’s home has been completely repaired after damage sustained during earlier storms.  The new siding looks great.

Karen Gilbert’s son, Scott with wife Patricia and their son Ryan are staying at the Gilbert camp this week. Happy Birthday to Ryan!  He is always so happy to celebrate it here in Maine each year.  Ryan especially loves to fish and spend a lot of time out on the lake.  He and his parents also like to walk various ocean trails at locations from Perry to Rogues Bluff looking for sea glass and other items washed ashore with the tides.  

Everyone is invited to the free concert at Second Baptist Church in Calais, this Saturday evening August 23 at 6:30.  Complimentary refreshments are always served afterward. A free will offering is taken. 

Please send family, community and organization news to or phone 454-3719.