Elizabeth Mitchell

The Princeton Baptist Church has welcomed back member Roseanna Brown from several weeks away on a missionary trip. The first part of her service was here in a southern state working with children. Then she went on to Haiti, again working with children. She spoke briefly in the local church service about her experiences on her trip.

 The Princeton Summer Festival, held on Saturday, August 16, was declared a success despite a brief rain shower right in the middle of the day. The attendance was good and included Rep. Beth Turner and her husband. The Downeast Raffle brought in $835 which, after paying a couple of minor bills related to putting on the event, will support the planning and activities for next year’s festival. The other featured raffle-the Underground Commemorative Quilt-brought $197 which is to benefit the Princeton Library. On September 13, Sandra Smith of the Bellmard Inn will host the annual Historic Tea and Tour. The drawing for the quilt winner will take place at that time.

This Monday was the last meeting of the summer for the book reading group ‘Let’s Talk About It’. We had great attendance and discussions on the books around the topic ‘The Gilded Age. The books were: The Devil and the White City by Erik Larson, The Gilded Age by Mark Twain and Charles D. Warner, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, The Rise  of Silas Lapham by William D. Howells, and Poland Spring-a Tale of the Gilded Age, 1860-1900. Participants will choose the topic and books for next year’s reading. The program is offered by the Maine Humanities Council and the books are loaned by the Maine State Library.  On Monday, August 25, the reading group is having a social gathering and dinner at the Bellmard Inn.

 Also this week on Tuesday at 5:30 members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee were available to review and answer questions about their work. A vote on the completed work followed. More next week about the key points of the plan and the vote results.

This past week, Beulah James Lane and her husband John were visited by their daughter Kathy and grandsons Cale and Wyatt. Beulah wanted the grandsons to see where her father was buried so they took a drive to the Princeton Cemetery. Beulah was so pleased to see the sites so nicely mowed and trimmed.