A Story and a Recipe

By Dorothy Johnson


I am looking for a dog for the farm.  It cannot be just any dog because it will have to live with at least two very independent cats and possibly four very independent cats.  Two of the cats are twenty-three years old and may not make the trip to the farm.  That would be a hard decision on my part and I hope they decide for themselves.  They have lived on Summit Street since they were born and have sort of grown accustomed to the rules. The other two cats are strays of undetermined age.  This new dog will have to live with them.

I have been looking at rescue dogs because they seem to need the most attention.  I cannot take in a rescue dog that carries more baggage than I do.  Some of these dogs have had rough lives and are not trusting and many of them have the designation of “not good with cats.” A dog like that would not do.  A dog that is a chaser would not be able to move in either.  None of us (the cats or me) want a yapper so that rules out many breeds.  We would prefer a dog that would possibly sleep in the bed, but would still leave us room to be comfortable.

Specifically, I have been looking for a sensible guard dog, which would keep an eye of the farm, like to run and come back when called, be a friendly family member to the cats and be my one-person dog.  I am looking for a young dog, but not necessarily a puppy.  Maybe I want too much.

I have searched the Bangor Humane Website, the Bar Harbor website, the rescue sites and what dogs they have available and have found way too many dogs that I would like to take to the farm.  This is precisely why I cannot go to look at the dogs…I would want them all.

While looking at young retrievers at the Star Bright Animal Rescue in Maine a puppy born on June 3rd named Lulu popped up and I fell in love.  All of this happened last Tuesday. I called 411 to get the number of the organization and the operator had no idea of what I was talking about.  The organization wants to do business on the computer.  Most of you know I have been having computer problems so I have not been able to access the application on-line.

(Side note: On Tuesday while I was getting help with my laptop, the shoulder strap of the laptop case wrapped itself around my feet and when I rose from the desk, it tripped me and laid me low on the floor of the office.  I went down like a dead moose, swift and hard.  I had to catch my breath before I could get up.  By then, I was limping badly and really ticked off with my laptop.  I did not get back to my search until Friday.)

On Friday I got back to my search.  I took my laptop to the library, but used the library computer instead.  I could not find Lulu.  Becky Varnum, a worker at the library and computer guru, found Lulu and also fell in love with her.  We tried to fill out the application to adopt Lulu and I will tell you, I have seen children adopted with less information than I needed for that form.  We are completing the form as I write and will have to wait to “know the rest of the story.” 

While we are waiting, I looked for a recipe that would appeal to Lulu.  I found this great recipe for Fido (Lulu) Biscuits sent to the Alexander Elementary School Communities’ cookbook by Sally Rothacker-Peyton.  Here it is:

Fido (Lulu) Biscuits


One cup all-purpose flour

One cup whole-wheat flour

Three tablespoon cooking oil

Two tablespoons instant rolled oats

One teaspoon garlic powder

Two-thirds cup water

One teaspoon beef bouillon powder

One and one-half water (optional)

One teaspoon gravy browner


Combine both flours, oil, oats, garlic, 

water and bouillon until dough forms.

Turn on lightly floured surface.

Roll out to one-quarter inch thickness.

Cut out with bone-shaped cookies cutters 

(or any kind of cutter).

Place on ungreased baking sheet.

Bake in 375 degree oven for fifteen minutes.

Combine one and one-half teaspoons water with gravy browner. Turn biscuits over and brush with 

gravy browner.

Bake for ten additional ten minutes until brown.

This recipe makes two dozen dog biscuits. The “rest of the story” will be revealed next week.