Calais High School

Dominic Gayton

In the October 31, 2013 publication of the Calais Advertiser, I filled in for Quinn Sluzenski as the author of this column as she tied up some loose ends in her college application process as deadlines drew near. Now, she is studying at Harvard University, a part of the Class of 2018. Congratulations Quinn on all of your accolades and your graduation, and thank you for the honor of being the new columnist of Calais High School. Hard as it will surely be, I will try not to disappoint. Without further ado, my name is Dominic Gayton and welcome back to the Calais High School.

The school year started off Tuesday as freshmen filed into Calais High School for the first time as students. They experienced a taste of all of their classes, became accustomed to the layout of our school, and became acquainted (our reacquainted) with their classmates with whom they will be sharing the next four years. This day served a similar purpose for our foreign exchange students: Eri Yamamoto of Japan, Amika Lanla of Thailand, and Gabriela Diaz of Chile, as well as a new junior from Belize, Earon Grinage. Welcome to all of our freshmen, foreign exchange students, and transfer students.

In addition to new students, there are some new faces in the faculty and staff at Calais High School. Mr. Cole is teaching JMG, Mr. Duffy is teaching tech ed, Ms. Haley and Mrs. Campbell in special education. Welcome to our new faculty and staff.

As for sports and activities, everything is off to a great start. Volleyball, soccer, and golf have been at it for a few weeks now, and some extracurricular activities have already met for the first time. Student Council will be looking for sponsors for our Polar Dip at the MASC Annual Conference in Nobleboro, and Academic Decathlon is selling Yankee Candle merchandise again.

It’s going to be a great year at CHS, and I’ll be bringing you all the news as it transpires. Until next time, thanks for reading the Calais High School news.