Local Thrift store to Close Its Doors

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Border Baptist Fellowship Thrift store on Main Street will be closing its doors on October 1. The shop will continue to operate during its normal hours until their closing date. Any remaining items will be given to local charities and a thrift store in Lincoln. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

Down on Main Street right next to Karen’s Pub, the Border Baptist Fellowship’s Thrift store will be closing its doors at the beginning of October. The thrift store started along with the church in 2007 and has been run by the minister of the church and members of the congregation since that time. 

The store was a non-profit organization that accepted donations for anyone in the community and resold them.  The store offered a variety of items from furniture to clothing and everything in between. The store also offered a little corner that sold coffee and a few other things. 

The store and church are closing due to some health issues for the minister Joe Rosebush. The store was a place for the community to donate their no longer needed items and others could get them for reasonable prices. 

“It would be nice if another church in the area would take this over. Not necessarily as a store but on an as needed basis,” Rosebush said. 

The thrift store stopped accepting donations last Thursday but will continue to keep the store open until October 1. The church which also holds services in the same building that holds the store will also remain open until the 1st.  The hours will remain the same, they are open Monday through Saturday from 9-2. When the store closes in October, the remainder of the items will be donated to local charities and shared with a thrift store in Lincoln. 

While they are no longer accepting donations, the Border Baptist Fellowship encourages people to come in and see the variety of the items they still have to offer.