Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

Meredith McLaughlin is at home recovering from a heart attack. She suffered an uncommon type called SCAD. She is doing much better, with minimal damage done to her heart, and a full recovery is expected in time. We are thankful she had the presence of mind to get to the hospital at the first signs.

Joyce Carle Hett has returned home to Dowling Park, Florida after being at Big Lake for the summer. While here, she got to see many of her grandchildren and even her newest great-grandchild Owen Russell Storey.

The Sunrise Christian Church is planning for the 2nd annual winter clothing give away on Saturday, October 4 from 9:00 to 3:00 at the Church in Big Lake Township.

On Sunday afternoon, Sept 7, Veronica Moffitt hosted a community get-together of invited friends and neighbors from 1:00 to into the evening on West Street at her home, The Garden Farm. There couldn’t have been better weather! The guests included a very cute, active toddler, school-aged children and adults of all ages. Canopies were set up over many salads that Veronica had provided, as well as food guests brought. Other gooodies included chips and dip, cookies, cake, brownies and iced-tea. 

Veronica had planned an interesting program in which the guests could participate. After sampling the food, adults visited and children played frisbee and other games. Then Ellen Carle led the children in some “finger stories’ based on Bible stories and passages, followed by a sign-language song. The finale was an audience-participation song with hand movements they grew in speed as the song was ramped up.. Then the guests enjoyed an “old-time sing-along” of songs and choruses of faith and praise. The accompanying music was played by Ruth Dunnfield-lead guitar and singer, David Bruso-base guitar, and Mary Yardly had her public debut playing a hammered dulcimer. The music was great!